How to use BFD2 Content in BFD 3.4?

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Yeah. That’s me. Don’t hold it against me! :wink:


Hi BFD Drew, I’m having an issue with BFD3 where I can’t activate my BFD2 license in the new License Manager, would it be possible to get a replacement serial from you, and is this what you meant by private messaging you?, I’ve hidden this message. Thanks

I did also experienced the same issue!
I hope they’ll migrate also the BFD2 license soon!
Until then I installed back BFD3 3.3

Unless you contact Drew nothing will happen. It’s not automatic. I got Eldorado and London Sessions libraries in place of BFD1 and BFD2 core libraries within the hour of using PM on the KVR site.

I wrote to Drew few minutes ago!

He’s quick but he’s not that quick. :rofl:


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London Sessions serial code was recieved, thanks Drew!
All sample content now fully installed, all working great.

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It seriously took like 20 mins for me to get my new serials from when I sent him the email. I was impressed.

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Sorry folks! Was away for a few days with my band. I’m back now - ping me if you need anything.

Hi Drew, I would also like to PM you for the BFD2 replacement content, where’s the PM button?



You have to post a few times for the button to show up. Just put a couple of replies on this thread to get past that. Then, under the icon in the upper right, click the person, and Summary->Messages will show up, which should enable you to create PMs.


Thanks for the reply @Kafka

Here are the official rules for getting bumped up a level so you can message:
Get to trust level 1 by…
*** Entering at least 5 topics**
*** Reading at least 30 posts**
*** Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts**

By reading they just mean slowly scrolling by a post. This is set by the software (not BFD) to keep spammers out. It works pretty well.

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Hi! I can’t find the private message button … I need to authorize my Evil Drums kit with the 3.4 BFD

I have made some replies but this button is not showing… strange and frustrating

When you click on the name in someone’s post you’ll see a dialogue box pop up with some info and it says ‘message’ in the top right corner.

Posted an image for you.

If it doesn’t work for you I can only suggest you need to post a few more messages.


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Thanks it works now :slight_smile:

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Here’s the rules on how to get there quicker

Oh wow…just discovered these forums…didn’t know they existed until a bit of googling…

I have been tearing my hair out trying to get this migration update working with my older content (ie BFD1 and BFD2)…
Just impossible…

Now just have to work out how to message Drew.