Read this if you need replacement Eldorado & London Sessions

Hey, are you FenderBender from VS Planet?

@markClune123 I don’t think so? :laughing:

As for not being able to DM Drew, read the forum rules post I linked just above.

So do I need to post to get to Level 1.

Still can’t message him.

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Fender, I got your e-mails and did reply - they got bounced back to me. I sounds as if Drew doesn’t work here any longer and that if I want to be able to use BFD 1 and 2 then I have to upgrade to 3 - is that right?


No, it is not right.

Despite rumours of his demise, @BFD_Drew is alive and still kicking butt, . :rofl:


Hi Steve, so I can still get new serial numbers from him?

@markClune123 If you don’t have BFD3 through inMusic then you can’t get and don’t need new serial #'s. You can continue to use BFD 1+2 through Fxpansion, but there is no support over there for anything BFD-related afaik. So if you’ve used up your 3 authorizations through Fxpansion, you might have a tough time trying to get them to reset them for you.

If you do wind up buying the upgrade for BFD3, when you create a new account with inMusic, make sure you use the same email address that you use for Fxpansion. That’s the only way to migrate your eligible BFD Fxpansion products and get replacement serials for BFD 1+2 to use with inMusic.

My understanding is that there is a pretty steep learning curve for BFD3 - I’m not sure at 70 I want to learn a new drum module. What a fuck job.


It’s more in-depth than BFD2, but shares similarities as well, as you’d expect from the same product line. I only upgraded to BFD3 a year ago and I’m pretty comfortable with it now. I was quite content with BFD2 for a long time and avoided upgrading to BFD3 because of the GUI change, but it is without a doubt a superior drum sampler and better experience. I haven’t had this much excitement working with drum samples in a long time.

If you want to continue to use BFD for the foreseeable future and with no further macOS/Windows support for BFD2, then upgrading to BFD3 is the way.

So if I upgrade to 3 I’ll be able to use 1 and 2?

No, you will need to get replacement serials for their expansion equivalents, Eldorado and London Sessions, as is the point of this thread.

As I mentioned before, make sure when you set up a new account with inMusic that you use the same email address as your Fxpansion email. Then you can DM Drew in private here with your Fxpansion serials for BFD 1+2 and your email address.

Yes, absolutely.

They repackaged BFD1 and BFD2 as Eldorado and the London Sessions and if you send your old serial numbers to @BFD_Drew he can give you new serials for the above libraries.


Hi Drew
please send me your email-address, as I was a user of BFD 2 and need serials for BFD Eldorado and London Sessions

Best regards


@WSperner You need to private message Drew here, with your email address and FXpansions serial #'s for BFD 1+2.

If you’re new here, read this post to find out how to gain the proper trust level to send PM’s.

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Hi Guys.

I don’t want to make a nuisance of myself, but messaged Drew a couple times with my details and no response. Am I out of date? Should I be e-mailing support or somewhere else?


Deac. x

You could try emailing BFD support. Maybe Drew is busy with the ladies?

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20 characters of was on tour!

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