BFD3.4.1.11 released

Sorry guys. We found a major bug in 3.4.2 which means the release has been delayed. Will keep you posted.

No worries. I think it’s majorly important to get this release absolutely spot-on.


Good news - I got a new copy in my inbox this morning from Alexander in support - BFD3.4.2 - well done chaps, it connects it downloads and works stand alone and as a Pro Tools plugin ! Not tested in great anger yet but at least things are booting up and making noises. I took the opportunity of fitting a brand new SSD drive and moved all audio and groove files I could find scattered about into it - then asked BFD to only scan the new drive. So far all is good - many thanks for the tireless work you guys must have gone through ! Faith restored :grin:

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Getting an SSD drive just for BFD made a huge difference in so many ways for me.
Very much money well spent.



The “Virtual Address” it’s writing to is a Memory Location, rather than a Call Home thing where the Address would be a web address…

Not done C++ stuff in over 20 years, but this for me is a coding bug. I have just one version of BFD3.dll installed, I can see it’s the correct version… But yeah, I’ll try again once a new patch is released…

Hey @Eanna would you mind sending me the crash dmp and txt file so we can investigate this?? You should be able to post them here now. Please tag me in the post so that I see it.


So i had delayed moving and registering to new Inmusic website, downloading new licence manager and the latest BFD3 4.1.11 release…did it last night and wished I hadnt. Hours of work to get back to even a basic running system and only managed to by eliminating paths to old content. So lost investment in kits, expansion packs Nick Mason included, massive BFD2 grove library. What happened??? Content path scanning just froze hitting BFD2 folders and couldnt get Nick Mason kit to load. Only got a basic BFD3 running by selecting content by folder and eliminating anything below BFD3. Have to say wished hadnt touched it at all. Is there plans to fix this or do I need to try and reverse the lot out?

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Here. This will help you get the training wheels off quickly

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Yeah, this is just awful software design. If it has that limitation, it should guide us to do things the way they need it to be done, or, better yet, remove that limitation. So much software updates, installs, and doesn’t complain about being unable to update itself because it was running.

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I figured out that if you log out of BFD License manager then log back in it will fix the issue. Go to User > Logout the log back in (redirects you to web).

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I’ve tried this several times and have not been able to log back in after logging out.

BFD 3.4.2 constantly crashes on my system under Big Sur. Both in Logic X and as a standalone app.

2019 7,1 Mac Pro

I need some help here. I’ve been trying to find someone, anyone that could help me get my BDF products up and running again. I found the InMusic website, but I cannot get my BFD license manager to find any of libraries. I do have the latest version of the software: Version

There are a couple of things going on here. First, my email address was changed quite some time ago Second, where I store my BFD files has changed as well.
So when I go to update my libraries, it says none are registered. I have searched for info under my original email address as well as my current email address. I have tried to register my serial number at InMusic - nothing works there, it keeps bouncing me back to the BFD site, which in turn, bounces me back t inMusic.
I began this journey to repair BFD over 2 years ago … at least I found this site to ask for help …

And btw, I am running an older Mac Pro, OS 10.13.6


Welcome @rosindabow. Since you’re new here, follow these instructions so you can gain the ability to PM.

Once you’ve done that, send a PM to @BFD_Drew and explain that your FXpansion and inMusic email addresses are not the same and you want to merge them. Alternatively, you can also try and contact either BFD, or inMusic support and explain your situation. That should fix your issue.

Just a note… you cannot register any BFD serials on your inMusic account page. Any BFD products get registered through the License Manager only. Your inMusic page will display your products, but you cannot add serials to it. A little confusing, but that’s what it is.

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Hi - I’m happy to do this - just not sure how to do this. Where do I enter Topics? I’ve read the posts - how do I time them out?

Just scroll through any random posts on the front page “Latest”. Scroll down each post for 10-20 secs and do that on other posts for 10 minutes. That’s it. It sounds more complicated than it is.

And btw, I have been reaching out to both BFD and InMusic for the past 2 + years and no one has gotten back to me …not sure even how I found this site …

That’s a shame. Yeah, they really need to shore up their support for customers and make it so people aren’t just left hanging. I probably would’ve given up after a month of silence. Not uncommon in the plugin world. I contacted IK Multimedia about a technical issue and never heard back.