Read this if you need replacement Eldorado & London Sessions

It’s more in-depth than BFD2, but shares similarities as well, as you’d expect from the same product line. I only upgraded to BFD3 a year ago and I’m pretty comfortable with it now. I was quite content with BFD2 for a long time and avoided upgrading to BFD3 because of the GUI change, but it is without a doubt a superior drum sampler and better experience. I haven’t had this much excitement working with drum samples in a long time.

If you want to continue to use BFD for the foreseeable future and with no further macOS/Windows support for BFD2, then upgrading to BFD3 is the way.

So if I upgrade to 3 I’ll be able to use 1 and 2?

No, you will need to get replacement serials for their expansion equivalents, Eldorado and London Sessions, as is the point of this thread.

As I mentioned before, make sure when you set up a new account with inMusic that you use the same email address as your Fxpansion email. Then you can DM Drew in private here with your Fxpansion serials for BFD 1+2 and your email address.

Yes, absolutely.

They repackaged BFD1 and BFD2 as Eldorado and the London Sessions and if you send your old serial numbers to @BFD_Drew he can give you new serials for the above libraries.


Hi Drew
please send me your email-address, as I was a user of BFD 2 and need serials for BFD Eldorado and London Sessions

Best regards


@WSperner You need to private message Drew here, with your email address and FXpansions serial #'s for BFD 1+2.

If you’re new here, read this post to find out how to gain the proper trust level to send PM’s.

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Hi Guys.

I don’t want to make a nuisance of myself, but messaged Drew a couple times with my details and no response. Am I out of date? Should I be e-mailing support or somewhere else?


Deac. x

You could try emailing BFD support. Maybe Drew is busy with the ladies?

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20 characters of was on tour!

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I need the London session serial.
Can´t DM because this is the only reason I got an account.
Please DM.

The DM option should appear now for you. I think he is working with his band or something because I’ve been waiting for a few days myself to get a response.

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It’s also a bank holiday here in the UK today so most things are closed.


I want access to my BFD1, 2 and SP1 SP2 packs again. I have all the serials. Step one is to create a message, so I can eventually get the option to PM Drew. So this message is just noise, I guess. Been with FxPansion since DR-008.

In addition to step one,make sure you ready some arbitrary number of posts and scroll down them all.
I think that’s actually more important.


Thanks for the reply - You are correct, after scrolling and reading for about 10 minutes, I was able to message him. Now just waiting for the information back from him!

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Hopefully, I’ve just found myself in thie same situation… forced to upgrade cos of the daft pop-up and mid project with no sounds!!

So I wrote a PM to Drew 2 days ago with serial numbers etc… and came back to check if there was a reply to the PM - but the thing is (bare with me - the answer is probably staring right at me): I do not know where to find the PM section - meaning, a section which contains all outgoing and incoming PMs. I clicked on my avatar initial thingy and saw a bell icon, an envelope icon and a bust icon, none of which lead me to the PM section - only the posts (like this one), replies to it and some greetings from the discobot when I first joined . So I wonder if the PM was actually sent… should I send it again? Where is the PM section? Thanks for any help.

Your profile has a messages tab.

Like Homer would say… D’oh - I did go there, but had not noticed the sent tab! Need new glasses obviously. Thanks

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Hello Drew… Are you still about?

I got disillusioned for a bit and went off doing something else.

However, I’ve still got an album to mix that I need the old BFD drums for but I still don’t have the message link. Can you help at all? Thanks…