Path to PM, post 1

It seems I need 5 posts to get to a PM support level so this is #1, thanks L

in case the suspense is killing you,

BFD3 and BFD2 core wont activate license
none shows for BFD2, one does show for BFD3 yet it remains light grey in content manager
using migration in stand alone BFD3 instantly crashes the app

(also leading up to this in 3.3 then onwards my groove changes would randomly not hold all changes)

OSX 10 15.7
ProTools 2021.10.0
BFD3 3.4.3
BFD Lic Mngr

Just reply a few times to your post here. Then you can PM Drew for a London Sessions serial# for your BFD2. You won’t be able to use the old library and have to download and install London.

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cool thanks FB, do you know if they are doing screen sharing to resolve issues?

to clarify on my 1st post, groove changes randomly not holding, actually seems consistently not holding certain locations, yet retaining some changes

5th post, seems just like yesterday I was at zero

Here are the actual requirements to reach trust level 1, which is what you need to be able to PM. Not sure how this needing to do a certain number of posts thing got started but that’s not how it works. Do the 3 items listed and you’ll be able to PM. Takes 10 minutes of browsing/reading. Cheers.

No screen sharing, but they may ask for log files.