Authorisation issues. Please help!

Ive recently upgraded my mac and I cant get BFD to work.
I have tried in vain to get a response from FXpansion and had no success
I purchased BFD2 in 2013 and then upgraded to BFD3 around 2018
I have the activation codes for both on my FXexpansion online account and have entered them into the licence manager, but the licence manager is asking me for a code for BFD1, which i dont have as I never had the product in the first place. This causes BFD to lock up ‘because the licence file is corrupt’
If anyone can help me with this it would be much appreciated, where are the FXpansion staff? Ive launched 3 support tickets over the last 2 months and not had a single reply…
I cant say what version of BFD3 I am on because the licence manager issue causes the ‘about BFD’ checkbox to be grayed out,

Imac 2013 Catalina Logic X 10.6.3 BFD3.?

@stariain Fxpansion is no longer apart of BFD, at least long term and BFD3 is no longer updated by them. You can still access your account and downloads, but probably not much longer. It is now owned/run by BFD Drums/inMusic. You should have received an email to migrate your account.

What you need to do is create a new account at with the same email address as your Fxpansion account. This is very important to be able to migrate to the new BFD system. This should create the new account with inMusic, the parent company.

After that, login to your Fxpansion account and under your account details, there should be a link to Migrate your account. Follow the instructions. You should be eligible for a free select expansion as well.
Here is some more info on the migration process.

After the migration is complete, go back to the new BFD Drums website and download the latest License Manager. This is a different manager than the Fxpansion one altogether, so make sure you use the new one from here on out.

Install it, login to the new LM. It should open a web browser page taking you to the inMusic website where you’ll sign in. It should prompt you to close the page. Now you should be logged into the new LM and your migrated products should display. Now download and install the new BFD3+Core Content and any expansions.

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Thankyou for this! Very much appreciated, ill give it a go!

Ive successfully gone through the migration process and run the new licence manager. It has seen and authorised my serial numbers, but on the downloads page, it has a green bar and 543.1GB displayed?
It seems to have hung, and there is no way I need half a terabyte of content

Click on the license tab then click your bfd to download it

That GB number is telling you how much free storage space you have on whatever drive/folder you have chosen for your BFD downloads (you can change that in LM preferences). The green bar is how much space has been used. I don’t find it entirely accurate anyways.

Thankyou, that has worked well, I have all my BFD3 content sorted and licenced
Im having problems with my BFD 2 content. The licence from my FXpansion account hasnt transferred into the new BFD licence manager
Screenshot 2022-06-14 at 17.03.33

BFD 1, 2 and Eco are legacy products not eligible for migration. However, you can get a replacement serial # for BFD2, which is London Sessions. PM Drew with your BFD2 serial and email address and he will get you a new one.

Add that new serial # in the LM, authorize and download the content. It’s the same samples, but you won’t be able to use the older BFD2 sample library with this BFD3, as they are different libraries by name.

I take it you mean BFD_drew? I cant find a way to message him, ive visited his profile but theres no option I can see to send a message

@stariain Yes that Drew. The message option would be in blue at the top right of a user’s profile page. Read this to be able to send PM’s to users.

You can just write some short nonsense in other posts if you have to engage in a few other posts.

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@Fender_Bender Thanks again, Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Literally coulda just @BFD_Drew him :slight_smile:

Yes, but one doesn’t really want to be posting their serials and email in a post, so a PM is the only real way.

I wasnt suggesting anything other than using the bat signal to alert Drew to someone needing a conversation with him. It looks snarkier than I meant it, I think? :slight_smile:

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Ah, gotcha. Blee blop bloop.

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