How to use BFD2 Content in BFD 3.4?

Sigh… I don’t see any way to post to Drew

Oh just read the messages above… Aaargh.

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Do I really need to create an account to KVR forum to get support for BFD!??!
What about reply to support request from the website form or emails to
I also suggest to put a forum link in the webpage…

Message @BFD_Drew for support for quickest response. Once you’re a Basic level member, just click on his name in a post and click Message on the pop-up. Here’s how to get to Basic:

Did it, hope I can get feedback soon.
Thank you

I messaged Drew yesterday and am still waiting for a response. Hopefully soon. Pretty frustrating…

Got a reply from Drew for the London and Eldorado licenses. I’m a bit confused as this doesn’t not seem to address the issue with not seeing BFD2 factory content in the new 3.4 version. I still can’t see my BFD2 factory content.

Update: I see that the London session pack is the BFD2 content, but the license isn’t allowing me to see the content that is already on my HD.

Update: Even though the license is registered. BFD 3.4.1 doesn’t recognize it against my original BFD2 content. Redownloading the content to see if that works…

Correct. Your original BFD2 and BFD content doesn’t work any more, and will not work in the future. That content was moved into the London and Eldorado packs, which have their own licensing and installation. Use the LM to download and install those.

Also, delete the old BFD2 and BFD directories from your content path. You can leave them be until you’re sure that you have any presets, kits, or grooves that might have ended up in there since you first installed them. Go ahead and delete them once you’re good that you are all migrated over. They won’t work in the future.

That’s not entirely correct. My BFD1 installation still works and never gave me any trouble. I’ve deleted my BFD2 content from the original folder but am not deleting all of the other content from other packs that reside in there nor do I need to. This has been very confusing and frustrating. I’ve got it all sorted for myself now but am not at all happy with the poor roll out. I don’t see why things couldn’t have been a lot easier. Why not just let people reauthorize their original content? Probably some mucked up legal issues…Seriously irritated but do appreciate the help.

Yeah, the BFD1 situation is interesting. I also found that my old BFD1 content worked without an Eldorado license - initially. I mentioned it to Drew, and he was surprised that could happen.

It was fine for a while, and then overnight, it came up with a license issue. By that time, I already had the Eldorado license, so I just moved on.

OTOH, BFD2 content never worked.

So, try running it as-is for a while. If it keeps working, so much the better. If not, install Eldorado and go for it.

I installed Eldorado to get that sorted. I’m suspicious that it may have been an issue with the old file format being still present in the folders of the BFD2 installation along side the bfdlac type. I converted them years ago, but didn’t notice that the old format wasn’t deleted. This is not the so in the BFD1 content in my case. The old file format is not present there. I needed the Eldorado license, but the original content works just fine with it. After all…Its the same data!

Hi Drew, yes I need to get my BFD1 and BFD2 Libraries working again. I have just joined the forum so I’m not sure where the PM button is either as it is not showing up for me. Probably because I’m new here. Any suggestions? Thanks for the help on this forum so far though.

Thanks kafka, very much apreciated. I’ll get into it.

I experienced all the issues everyone else here has. All of my BFD Expansion Packs are licensed and working. It did require me to do what everyone else here has had to do ie update the Licenser and re register BFD3 products. So I just need the Eldorado and London Sessions now and I’m all set. Thanks to everyone who has contributed here as it cleared a lot of things up when half of my presets were all lit up with yellow warnings. Looking forward to everything completed. WE LOVE BFD, SO BIG!. :grinning:


I have had a bit of a meltdown since migrating - some of my own doing when I removed a previous version of BFD. Currently the main issues I have are:

No access to BFD2 content.

Kabuki & Noh Percussion - kit pieces are available but no presets or kits.

Purchased Percussion expansion yesterday - kit pieces available but no presets or kits

Have you tried the, Add BFD2 Paths on the contents page?

I have percussion presets I can upload if that doesn’t work.

Hi Steve

Thanks for the reply - I have tried adding the BFD2 paths but it didn’t help. It would be great if you could upload the percussion presets - am I right in thinking the presets would be located in the grooves folder?

thanks for your help


Thanks. I’ll try this.

Thank you. Trying to get enough replies to be able to PM Drew…