ERROR#403002 Fix

I bought bfd3 this time.
I’m new here because I can’t use all my BDF licenses anymore, here is the issue:
Maximum simultaneous product authorizations reached
I have only 2 computers running BFD3:

  • Macbook pro M1 - BFD3 works as it should
  • Mac Mini M1 (bigsur) - This is the one that doesn’t work anymore with BFD3 licensing

Is bfd3 installed at most 1 unit?
please tell me it’s up to 3 computers

I sent an e-mail to, but I don’t read it
(sent on thursday)

please solve it quickly.

Since you’re new on the discourse forum, you need to gain private messaging ability. Read here. Takes 10 minutes and you can message.

Once you’re good to PM, send one to @BFD_Drew, explain your situation and he will reset your authorizations. I believe we get 3 machine authorizations.