My Zildjian Expansion is invisible

I hate to be negative as one of my first posts on the forum but that’s kind why I’m here.
I have had multiple issues with the whole BFD setup since inMusic bought it.

I have almost given up completely on BFD. It has been seriously frustrating to have all of these problems.

I gave it my best efforts to put in the serial numbers for all of my BFD products. Have had nothing but problems. The ONLY thing BFD license manager recognizes is BFD 3 with the associated serial number.
BFD 2 is not seen by LM and my Zildjian cymbals which I was quite fond of are also invisible to LM yet sit on my hard drive clear as day. I go way back to BFD eco and upgraded to BFD 2, then to v3.

I can point you to several other very unhappy customers over on another forum. Frankly many of those people have totally given up on this crazy license scheme that make you dial in to use products you bought and paid for or that can’t seem to find bought and paid for products on their hard dives.
Like me they have the products they bought from you sitting there waiting to be used but can’t use them.

inMusic is shooting itself right in the a** and making it easy for the competition. I have three other drum programs that work. Do you think I’m going to use BFD ?

This is probably my last attempt to reach out to you guys to help me get this to work without spending hours of my valuable time mucking around with a crappy LM.
Can you PLEASE tell me what I need to do to regain use of my BFD 2 and my Ziljian library?

If I can get full functions back maybe I will consider come of your other paks.

Hello Timothy, are you using the same Email add here as you were using at FXpansion site?

You need to establish contact @BFD_Drew by PM give him your,

FXpansion username
Product serial number(s)
inMusic Profile username

and he should be able to arrange a copy of London Sessions and Serial number for you, London Sessions basically is BFD2. The Old BFD (1) and BFD 2 as they are won’t work with the new system. You may even get Eldorado since you had BFD Echo, not sure on that one.

Then give him your Ziljian library Serial number, and he should be able to give you a replacement serial that will work under the new system.

You must not have migrated over correctly, because my Ziljian library and all my other expansions were ready to use in my InMusic/BFD account.

Don’t forget that it is important that you have the same Email in both places for migration.

And tell all those over at the Cakewalk forums, not to be wusses, if they follow the path for migration all will be fine.

Have a read of the following

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Thanks @jih64

I appreciate your help. I hear Drew is the guy to talk to.
I would not downplay the fact that there have been numerous issues with the LM. Maybe they are corrected now since it has been awhile since I attempted it.

I remember trying to input my numbers numerous times into the new LM and things not going through.

It isn’t just Cakewalk users having issues as numerous issues have been reported by Cubase users as well.


I hope Drew gets you sorted out with the new serials, and don’t forget, it might be worth it to mention that you had BFD Echo, you may or may not get the Eldorado pack, which is basically the original BFD, I can’t recall, but I seem to remember reading something about that, one way or the other.

Yeah I know it’s not just the Cakewalk boys, I think I had just read that thread started by kitekrazy and thought I would just half jokingly give it a nudge :wink:

All the best with it.

I am looking to re-acquire use of my Zildjian packs as well. My email address is the same in both the old and new sites and was used to migrate per the provided instructions. My serials for the Zildjian packs did not make it.

I am not finding it possible to message @BFD_Drew - is that a “new” forum member thing?




Got it, thanks!

P.S. to make the required 20 characters :slight_smile: