[UNDER REVIEW] "No packs found in pack price catalogue... "

Hi , On Mojave running 3.3.1 , experiencing same problem with demo system /error pop ups, although I can still access the demo packs audio , but not view any images in download page.I understand the problem with older server basically not existing - .
However, I cannot update because the BFD licence manager does not function( Cannot retrieve licences error message every time).Can anyone advise on how to actually update to 3.4 and is there a link to version history.Also in standalone I have to reset audio engine settings every time as it defaults to audio error 2 - couldn’t open audio stream.

To be clear - this issue is not an inMusic issue. It’s an FXpansion issue. They turned off the demo-packs server. People are unfairly maligning the inMusic BFD team because of something that is not under our control.

The only way this issue will disappear for people on BFD3.3 is for them to upgrade to BFD3.4.

BFD3.4.2.4 can still sometimes exhibit the issue. But BFD3.4.3.5 and upwards should resolve this issue for everyone that has it installed. It will be available soon; once it passes internal testing and private beta testing.


Hi Spon,

Please head here:

There is an entire migration process that you must follow in order to move from FXpansion BFD (old, out of date, causes problems because of servers being shut down), to a new version of BFD provided by inMusic and the BFD Drums team.

We are currently on version, with a new point release coming soon.


Hi Andrew,
Thanks for your reply.I have been a BFD user since V1 appreciate the work -
I migrated/registered BFD3 with inLine back in April .(Not claimed my pack yet so perhaps this is incomplete?)I can use the instrument fine in logic apart from pop ups .But still get error message from the new BFD Licence manager, so cannot update.
I will re-read the notes and try and re-register if that’s possible?
Thanks TG

Big F’in thanks to Drew and the BFD team for sorting this out. I’ve just installed BFD on Windows 10 [1809] - and I’ve got the same problem. Need to de-activate every time the plugin is instantiated. Hopefully this can get fixed soon.

I notice that the system requirements for BFD are Windows 10 [1909] - so I’m hoping this installation will work ok. I’ve just set this OS up and it’s not set in stone; I’m just experimenting with using Windows 10 to replace Windows 7 which I am slowly retiring and migrating.

Anyway, I only have good things to say about InMusic as so far they have taken care of me and given me excellent support. Hopefully that will continue. I can see Drew is committed to the project in a big way and I don’t think it could be in better hands. FXpansion have always taken care of me as well, so no complaints with them either. I realise mileage varies a lot on this one, but I wouldn’t still be using the software if I didn’t have a certain amount of faith in its longevity. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m in no massive rush to get this up and running, but it would be nice to get it working to a basic level. The free pack was a nice touch, but I won’t be buying in more until these teething problems are sorted out, which I’m sure they will be, hopefully sooner rather than later. Then I’ll probably pick up a pack or two in a sale. I’m already low on HD space!

I may be wrong, but I don’t think it’s going to be too much longer before these problems are sorted out. I also think they understand that stability and compatibility are paramount to most users. Let’s face it, they have the leverage and the massive back catalogue of finely produced drums in many genres. I think they know as well as anyone that stability and compatibility is the most important thing for everyone. Once they get that sorted, those sound packs can start flying off the shelves as more people buy in to the whole BFD thing; and older users who’ve been around for a while can start picking up those packs/expanders they always wanted to get, but held out on for whatever reason (like problems with stability and compatibility).

Thanks again Drew. And thanks as well to InMusic for picking up BFD. They picked a winner with this one, hopefully in time they will do it the justice it deserves. Everyone will be happy.

And I also realise the politics of this situation might be a little delicate, shall we say; but the more feedback and transparency the better. What’s done is done. Here’s to the future and Drew and the team making BFD the best it can be. Not much further to go…

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Thanks for the info. I feel a bit of an idiot after realising I’m running the older 3.3.1 [build 33]. Doh.

In my defense I’ve just installed about 30 plugins in the last couple of days to test my new OS install, and it’s hard keeping track of everything. There were major problems with downloads for FXpansion products in the last weeks as well, which I think they have sorted out now (at least the few new ones I’ve tried). So it’s easy to lose track.

I’ll wait patiently until you release the new version, as even this older version I have seems to work ok, once that setting is deactivated.

Is anyone who is seeing this running a 3.4.x.x build - NOT 3.3.x.x from FXpansion - if so, please let me know.

Nobody should be having any demo pack issues or price catalogue issues in BFD3.4.x.x simply by virtue of the fact that we’ve disabled all of that functionality for now!

my Fixed, No packs found in pack price catalogue and No packs found in pack summary catalogue.
Manu on BFD Tools > news,updates & Demopack… > Tools > remove All DemoPacks (Wait for a while if you can’t press it) and re-open BFD
*Daw use load BFD Vsti , AAX and Standalone must be setting separately
it worked for me, But every time it runs it will show “Alert” No packs found in pack price catalogue and No packs found in pack summary, One time or never showing again :smiley:

Question: is there anything that those of us on older Macs can do that cannot install 3.4?

I am almost finished an album and this issue has just started to make problems for me…
it’s making working on a song impossible

What Mac model/year/macOS are you running? I’m using a 12+ year old Mac Pro with the latest build. Installs fine.

early 2008 8-core Mac Pro [cheese grater tower] running El Capitan 10.11
so I have a hardware ATI HD2600XT GPU card

however this means I cannot migrate over to the new way of licensing…
cos the new license manager needs 10.12 for me to get BFD3 working again
finger tips away… why does it have to be the next OS to the highest one I’m on??
this is so frustrating I could scream…

@Clarky You can easily run High Sierra up to Monterey with either dosdude’s patcher, or the Open Core Legacy Patcher. I’m typing this on a 2011 MBP running Monterey, but Mojave on these older Macs is probably the place to be. Without a METAL GPU, you start losing functionality on the newer OS’s. Still, it’s pretty amazing what those communities have done for users on older Macs and OCLP keeps getting better with updates.

PM if you’re interested and I can direct you to the proper links.


I’ll ask the devs and report back.

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thanks so much… I’m really interested to find out more about this…
see if I can stretch the life of my Mac a little further…

I’d love to message you but I’m not seeing the message icon…
no idea why… maybe it’s cos I’m new or seomthing

thanks Drew…
here’s where I’m at…
been working on this album for just over 2 years now… coming to the end of it…
my drummer has finished all his parts and I’m converting his kit, snare and toms to midi so I can bolster them with BFD3… I’m using the kit pieces from a pack that cannot be used in BFD2 [otherwise I’d simply switch to BFD2 for this]…
drums wise I have 2 songs to go and I’m done…
‘Alert’ wise, on the odd occasion I may get the alert twice when the Logic project opened, and that was it… a minor inconvenience… for many months now I wasn’t getting the alert at all… I’d forgotten all about it…
From just a few days ago I’m getting these alerts every couple of seconds… it’s totally killing my ability to work on a song… when I uncheck the box that looks for demo packs, it re-checks itself within seconds and I get the alert…
I totally get that I’m on a really old Mac… but to upgrade will cost me about 6k… and that’s without having to add the extras [monitors, audio interface etc]… yes I’ll do this eventually, but not today…
I just need BFD3 and my expansion packs to work, and totally accept that I can’t add new stuff to it…
my contingency is to build a new kit in BFD2 with other drums…
but staring down the barrel of putting out my album with a contingency plan is just breaking my heart…

Drew - just a thought… is it not possible to spin up a server for the old BFD3 users, even if we accept that it contains nothing [no demo packs etc cos would couldn’t take them even if we wanted to]…
but at least it keeps us working until we’re able to gather the funds to replace our Macs / PC’s etc so we can eventually get up to 3.4…
we did after all buy BFD and in many cases bought all the versions and many expansion packs…
please just keep us running



On macOS, go to ~/Library/Application Support/fxpansion/BFD3

Rename or delete the DemoCache folder. That’s it. If you quit and relaunch, it will create a new DemoCache folder which seems to work fine.



Hello Alex,

thnk you for your post!

I followed your indication to go to
~/Library/Application Support/fxpansion/BFD3
Unfortunately I can’t find the DemoCache folder

Opening the BFD3 folder I see only the following folders:

  • BFD3 Uninstaller
  • Help
  • Resources
  • System

and can’t find any DemoCache folder

There is also a DemoCache folder in the same path on the user library. Does that work?

So I am a bit late to this thread - but I was getting the message “No packs and pack price catalogue” and it wouldn’t go away no matter what. I downloaded their license manager, in there, you’ll see your registered products. Click on BFD3 and you’ll see download options pop up to upgrade to 3.4 for Mac or pc. I upgraded, then restarted my machine, and now it works and I’m not getting the error message! I am on pro tools, on an older (2013) 27” iMac running Catalina or High Sierra (I forget which one - whichever is the newer one). Good luck!