[UNDER REVIEW] "No packs found in pack price catalogue... "

I’ve just started getting this message followed by ‘No packs found in pack summary catalogue’.

This is the weird thing.

I first tried the migration on its release back on 20th April. It was so chaotic that after a day of getting nowhere I reverted back to which had been completely stable since update in May 2019.

To revert I restored my entire system from a Carbon Copy Clone I’d done that morning before I’d downloaded anything to do with the migration or inmusic. I which case there is ostensibly no trace of any migration files on my system.

This is the first time I’ve seen this message. I’ve noticed a posting on gearspace where some are getting this message with 3.4 which would make sense as a new license manager error maybe but doesn’t make any sense in my case. I wonder what stealth is at work here?

I’ve been getting this message in Pro Tools lately. And a second one right after, I figured it’s part of my disastrous experience with BFD 3.4. Nothing works with BFD 3.4 for me, but at least I’ve got this. I dismiss them and it doesn’t seem to be screwing anything up.Maybe on the next update they will figure out how to completely disable my computer.

I am seeing this repeatedly, too, along with multiple pieces of kits not being found. Lots of problems since the migration.

Anybody have any luck getting rid of this prompt?

I started getting that message on a machine that I had left in the last fxpansion version. I left it there in hopes of having something that would actually WORK while inmusic figured out what it was doing.

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Hello folks, I have not dared to install the new version of bfd despite having setup my new account and selecting the free expansion pack.

I just starting getting this same pop up message repeatedly two days ago and in addition bfd has started becoming quite buggy, crashing out and not loading presets.

I wanted to wait until it’s safer to move over before I install but it seems that somehow my pre migration install is being affected in some way already? Doesn’t make sense to me, is it a coincidence?

Been seeing this since I tried 3,4,x; reverted back to BFD 3.3.x using Carbon Copy Cloner and still see it. Doesn’t matter if I’m online or not. THis whole business has been a disaster for the once-great BFD ecosystem. Knew there would be problems with InMusic taking over the brand as that’s where good software goes to die.

Hey there,

Thanks for raising, we will look into it.

Regards, Callum

Ugh! this is happening to me also and it’s VERY disruptive…

I got mine to stop by clicking “News, updates, and demo packs” and then unchecking the “Activate” box.


That worked for me cheers!

Didn’t work for me. “News, updates, and demo packs” won’t stay unchecked. Every time i open the app or that menu item it’s checked again.

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ooops no it came back again with the activated button turning itself back on!

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Has no one from BFD picked upon this problem-its really annoying


I’m getting the same on Mac Pro and Macbook Pro, I have tried everything suggested here and nothing helps, please help us BFD? I am using V3.3.1 build 33,

Okay editing this again, crazy, i went and installed the latest version 3.4.2 build 4 and everything is working fine, no more annoying ‘no packs found…’ message, clearly there;s a lot of investigating to be done. I will monitor and see if this message returns…

I find it puzzling and concerning that some software has managed to infiltrate earlier versions of BFD 3.3 that on the face of it have had nothing to do with any of the inmusic upgrade procedures. I’d restored my whole system from a CCC clone to a pre inmusic state and yet this still started happening out of the blue.
Any ideas on how that may have happened Drew? or anyone?

To be honest I don’t think Drew knows what’s going on. And if my machine is not connected to the net (no matter if I’m logged into the license manager) I can’t dismiss the damned messages. They keep coming back. If I know InMusic it will never get fixed. There are long-standing bugs in other s/w they have that haven’t been fixed.

Oh how the might have fallen.

That’s really dissapointing news if it’s true, today I updated to latest version on Mac Pro (2012), seems to work fine, until I tried exporting a kit (preset) from benonistudio.com, when I export, the snares are missing, the kick drum only patially exports and there’s a host of problems with other kit pieces. BFD presets seem to export ok (only tried one so far). I will do more testinging tomorrow. I hope this is not going to be a common thing from now on…might have to ditch BFD, which would be really sad.

Heya, that message is because our demo packs functionality is currently broken. Once it’s fixed, it will disappear. Very sorry for the hassle. As you can see above, another team member has logged the issue and it is now with the developers.


Thanks Drew, are you saying that BFD 3 has always done this demo packs check-in and that it’s only become conspicuous now because it’s broken on the server side?