What sort of grooves do you want?

Talking of grooves, I’d like some Danny Carey type tom tom heavy ones, in different timings.

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That would be great. After wanting nothing but Todd Trainer, and John Wright since this was asked, top of my list is def Bill Bruford, and he loves electronic kits too :slight_smile:

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This is a very welcome change! Can’t wait to see BFD4 out.

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Anything like this stuff.

And ffs, see if Damon Che is free and willing… Damon Che - Wikipedia

The dude can obviously play, but that looks so uncomfortable. My back hurts just from watching it.

Btw, I thought you were ditching BFD3? I mean, I suppose you could use their grooves in another sampler. I did that with some EZ Drummer files to BFD, but it was a bit of a PITA.

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He has very long arms according to his wiki :slight_smile: Check out Don Caballero, his band.

I def wouldnt be doing any messing about with EZD and BFD together, I’ve wasted enough time on that kinda stuff.

  1. Who knows what might happen by the end of the month.
  2. That doesnt mean I dont want to see things like this out in the world. And I’m not on any other competitors or drumming forums. BFD always sounded the best and I’d love to see these drummers getting some attention from BFD or whoever.

Unlike some other forum members might feel, this isnt just about me :slight_smile:

But yes, my sad/freeing decision today with my new track is, for the first time in years, to not bother loading BFD into it at all. Im phasing it out this month. It seems pointless to carry on using it when I need to get used to not using it. Been using BFD for years tho, the thought processes will take some time to stop. Everything I’ve learned along the way is cross transferable skills to other kit.

EDIT: Altho yeah, if I could just get the MIDI grooves, quids in.

EDIT2: Its not me ditching it, btw… :wink:

And John Stanier please!

Brendan Canty grooves please! Get him to get his bell out!

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I would like to see a pack of rudiments and patterns organized in a functional way that I could use with other pallets


There are not enough 6/8 grooves.
More Indie rock type grooves too please.


Yes! Nice idea…
That would be an interesting take on it.

Grooves from Weather Report and Pat Metheny Group etc… I love the Peter Erskine grooves but miss more in the same style.


I’m looking for late 70’s and early 80’s metal grooves, like Judas Priest and Scorpions and Ozzy Osbourne.

Cozy Powell and more Bonham

I have a couple of questions. The first is why is it that when I load a preset like 70’s funk that rock grooves come up in the groove editor palette? I would expect funk grooves to load. I also would like feedback on some places I can get psychadelic soul midi packs if any has any suggestions. BFD seems a little weak when it comes to soul and funk.

There are also Many of these presets that don’t appear to have grooves at all? would that be right? Like DW 1, 2,3 Straight up pop and Many more.

Loathe, Northlane style grooves…Abe Cunningham from Deftones style beats too

I would really appreciate a ton of Orchestral Grooves.


This guy Johnny Mathar on IG is pretty ridiculous. Wouldn’t mind some of his grooves actually.


Just picked this one up. Includes BFD format. 50% off at the moment.



oh man - so many.

Stephen Perkins
Matt Cameron
Mario Duplantier
Mel Gaynor
Roger Taylor
Antonio Sánchez
Paul Wertico