What sort of grooves do you want?

Thanks. Snagged that. That was a no-brainer at half-price.

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Groove Monkee is pretty cool. They have just about every drum mapping available under the sun and you can demo each pack before buying.


Yeah, I was noticing they’ve got pretty much everything covered. The demo packs are a nice touch too.

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Hi Guys!

Many great suggestions so far.

I would like some Ginger Baker (of The Cream) grooves. (Polyrythmics)

Jan Kristensen

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loose all over the grid, theres a million packs out there with tight “unquantized” drums. i want classic rock thats “sloppy”

You can use the Groove FX to make the timing looser with the Hum.Time dial and also Hum. Vel can add variation in the dynamics. BFD Vintage Rock grooves is decent.

+1 here, Im more interested in drum fills. I can program most beats I want, but not being a great drummer really limits me in fill creation.


Grooves from Weather Report, Pat Metheny Group, Billy Cobham and Vinnie Colaiuta

I would like Roots Reggae!