What sort of grooves do you want?

Dennis Chambers signature grooves

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Love to see more Afro, Latin and Reggae (including substyles reggaeton, dub, ska)

I think most logical approach is to cover the whole palette of styles as an standard and that the standard library is HUGE! This wil make an extra selling point for BFD.

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It would be nice to have more straight forward grooves included with BFD. The drum track where grooves are placed is challenging to use, sometimes it cuts off on the right and takes some fooling around to get it to open up. Thanks!


Reggae, Souskous, Soca

Why not a collaboration with Shawn Crowder and Adam Neely. They’ve made an extensive work on polyrythms and brainf*** rythms and it could actually be a great starting point to explore new horizons

East Indian grooves - along with an Indian percussion expansion set.


Neil Peart drum fill pack, but only for me.

That reminds me, I need to get that Peart kit sorted…

I would like to have :

1/ The famous history drums solo than have push the drums as a lead instrument :

2/ Somes influencial artiste for 80’s Metal

I could make a list also of famous 80’s drummers. Also i found the grooves miss some electronics grooves (even if they are usually just crap from a real drummer point of view)

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I would love a basic assortment of odd measure grooves. 3, 5, 7, 9, 10 (that’s even but hey), 11, 12 (I did it again), 13, 15.

Not too much craziness, just some basic grooves.

I am in the mood for some old Soul/R&B grooves.

Will grooves maintain their structure? Will they remain organized in palettes? If yes:

  • One thing I would like to see improved is implement a method to easily view, or predict a groove’s complexity that’s there within the palette. Currently, one has to audition all grooves in a palette in order to determine what groove plays what. Since most grooves of a palette stay on the palette’s “subject”, I don’t think it’s too improper to ask for such a feature. It’s admitedly tricky to do this in a list - the way groove palettes are currently laid out -, but it wouldn’t be too tricky to do it with say four tabs. Click the “Ride tab”, you get a list of 5 - 6 grooves that feature the ride, and they get progressively more complex as you go down the list. Maybe that’s a metadata nitpic after all? Name grooves better? Possibly. I don’t know.

  • Another one. Within the same groove palette, try to have grooves organized in “rythmic cells” of the same duration. Currently, if we have four 2 bar grooves and a half-bar fill within the same palette, when we let BFD auto play and use the options to jump to other grooves automatically, all kinds of things can happen. A fill may not trigger at all, or it might start on the start of measure 9 instead of the end of 8, this kind of thing.

If not:

Develop new quantum-stochastic-good chap-AI, that understands and responds to basic commands:

More hat, less hat, play more stuff on the snare, don’t use more than two toms or else, easier on the ride, play less stuff, play more stuff, don’t hit the toms like a p@#$y, this kind of thing. Fairly easy to program I think. :rofl:

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For now BFD3 will keep the palette. But you might well imagine a version of BFD without it, and with a more modern approach where grooves are grouped into songs, and each groove has all the filtering meta-data you could imagine, to make accessing them much easier and more fun to work with.


I would like grooves that work after 3 months of being offline.

Ok, we get it. You’ve been a broken record all over the forum. You may talk about something else now


No offense, but its not about you, or any ‘we’ you’ve decided you speak on behalf of. Its about BFD and InMusic doing the right thing. Please take it up with them if you have an issue.

Im really very happy for everyone who is pleased with their set up with BFD, its an amazing app.

I hope none of you ever have to resort to anything of this kind with any company ever just to get them to offer… anything at all.

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Yeah I got it the first time : to you, it’s all about you.

But maybe the rest of us would like to talk about… let’s say… “what sort of grooves we want”


No, not about me. Read the forum, this has cost other customers lots of money. Even if it was just about me, that makes no odds. Sorry. Take it up with BFD. New customers coming into this have no idea the online check comes. Old customers were not informed this was coming and some of us would not have signed over if we knew. We are being given no recourse for any action other to sit and wait (its been over a year), or walk away from our investment.

If you want to talk about BFD, nothing is stopping you. If you have an issue with disgruntled customer, its an issue you need to take up with BFD. You are adding to the conversation you want to stop. Your choice if this conversation continues.


I agree with Tumulte.

Kind regards,

Living Room Rocker


It would make much more sense to just not engage.