Hi-Hat Issues with BFD Player 1.2

Ever since the 1.2 update my Hi-Hat doesn’t work properly. I have an Alesis Surge Mesh kit. When I load a new preset such as 80’s Lover the open Hi-Hat sounds normal, as soon as I close the Hi-Hat it no longer opens. Therefore I have the fully closed and half open available with no way to get the completely open to work again unless I reload the preset.
I checked the midi notes in the module and they are routed correctly. Any ideas?


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Could you record some midi and add it to the report so we can try to reproduce it here with the exact data your brain is putting out?

A few hits of the hihat in both positions, and moving the hihat up and down whilst playing notes would be enough for us to figure it out.

What software would you recommend to record the midi? I can take a video with my phone showing what midi notes are being registered on the module if that works.


For Windows use MIDIOX


You will need to select MIDI Device (Options > MIDI Device) and as you move the Hi Hat pedal…strike the pads etc it will be displayed.Under Action you can stop and clear the display etc

Here is an image of a test I just did for the Realhat with the STRIKE Multipad using a converter so that the SMP would send CC4 to Vst…

The Notes I assigned for testing are General MIDI and should be close to what the Surge Module puts out…46-open…44-pedal…21 Splash…so your display should be similar.

You would then take a screenshot

I loaded the Surge Map in BFD Player v1.2 using a STRIKE Module remapped and a Realhat pedal and it worked fine.
I haven’t used the Player in awhile…the one thing I did notice was upon startup the HH started with the Closed articulation and after I pressed down on the physical pedal it opened.It didn’t do it while changing presets…only on startup (STRIKE Map also)

After startup Multiple times with the same map…HH starts up open…including changing maps…
After startup if I load a new map…the HH starts off Closed…so I dunno (Technical Term).
On another note…there is no Splash.I checked the Splash in Dark Farm BFD3 …15 Zildjian K Light and 16 ZILDJIAN K Sweet …the Splash articulation is the same as Pedal for both under the Drum Auditioning Window.

I attached an update Surge Mesh SE Map…it is named -2 to preserve the original.
This map has been set to variable, all 8 zones,Splash assigned to Open and was missing the 1/2 Open Note assignment.
There are also a couple MIDI note assignments that don’t belong to the Surge Mapping.
the Surge and Surge SE use the same module and mapping.

Unzip copy to
Windows …C:\ProgramData>BFD Drums>BFDPlayer>System>Maps.
macOS Library>Application Support>BFD Drums>BFDPlayer>System>Maps

See if any improvement…and especially if it will Splash.
I got everything working quite well and consistent including the Splash with the STRIKE/Realhat Pedal Combo.The STRIKE Module was programmed for FSR…not a Variable/Membrane/Linear Softpot Pedal.

Alesis Surge Mesh SE-2.zip (1.3 KB)

First off, thanks for all your help and input on this.
I followed your instructions and downloaded MIDIOX for Windows 11. I chose the Alesis Surge as the Midi device and attempted to tweak some other things to get it to look like yours but I couldn’t get it to register the Midi notes.

I also was able to extract your custom map into my BFD Maps folder. Everything worked as normal other than the high-hat.

When I load BFD Player with the custom map and select a preset, if I don’t touch the Realhat pedal and just strike the high-hat pad it registers a 46 Midi note on the module. In doing so the sound coming through my audio interface is the fully open high-hat sound. However, if use the Realhat pedal to close the high-hat then reopen it and strike the pad again; it still registers a 46 Midi note but the sound is not the same as before, it makes the half-open sound.

This is really confusing to me as the Midi note is the same but the sound is not. I am able to replicate this scenario at anytime by just reloading the preset and it will go back to a fully-open sound until I touch the pedal.

As for the others things you mentioned, I am able to get it to make the splash sound although it is very quiet. The splash registers as a 44 Midi note. The fully-closed high-hat and the half-open high-hat sound identical even though the closed is a 42 Midi note and the half is a 23 Midi note.

Could it be the pedal having issues? This is a fairly new kit purchased late November of 2023. Once again I was able to have the fully-open sound prior to the 1.2 update so I’m not sure if this is software or hardware related.


To get MIDIOX to View MIDI numbers for DATA 1…Options > Data Display…uncheck the Hex boxes.

46 - Open (Hit/Pedal up)…44 - Pedal/“Chick” (Pedal down)…
42 - Closed (Hit/Pedal down)…23 - 1/2 open …21 - Splash (Pedal down/up/sharp jab)

Is GM Mode ON?..under utilities.Some modules won’t send CC4 if GM Mode is on…some still do.
The Module is not sending CC4 information…
If it doesn’t change anything switching GM Mode OFF…
The pedal uses a membrane resistor if it became damaged you wouldnt be able control pedal position or do specific things like chick or splash…so the module is the next in line for trouble shooting.
Something is not quite right…I’ll also have to check and see if AfterTouch after a Splash is normal for that module.
Anything out of the ordinary happen lately?..power outage/surge…pedal get thrown around etc.
Usually if modules get out of whack…act odd/strange etc a Factory Reset clears it.
The Hard Factory reset is always the last resort…as you lose everything
The MIDIOX Information can be provided to support if the Kit is under warranty…

Change the MIDIOX settings to display the MIDI numbers…record capture MIDI …

Are you familiar with you trigger settings?..I would write them down…or use your phone a take a pic of each trigger setting.
Have you ever done a Factory Reset?
There are options under the Menu for specific Resets…in this case a Hard Reset is Needed as is also the case if the module ever freezes.

Do the Factory Reset …Don’t forget to take pics to backup your trigger settings etc if you want to keep them.

Hold down the < and > buttons while powering on. If the reset is successful, you will see “RST—” appear on the screen.

I attached another MIDI Map…copy and replace it…same place as before…After Double checking everything I did not have the previous set to Variable.

Alesis Surge Mesh SE-2.zip (1.3 KB)

On another note…I setup a Crimson II Module with a Realhat Pedal and BFD v1.2…No Issues.

I was able to get the MIDIOX to read all of the numbers you provided.

Nothing out of the ordinary has happened. Kit has been stationary since I’ve set it up, no power outages either; just lots of play time on it.

I performed a factory reset on the module, I wasn’t worried about the rest of the settings on the module as all of that is pretty easy to setup again and it’s the last of my worries right now. After performing the factory reset I made sure GM was turned off and logged the numbers you see in MIDIOX above.

Now, to the weird part. I opened up BFD Player again, keeping the same map you sent two days ago. Once again the open high-hat was fine until I touched the pedal then it only would have the half open sound again, just as it did before.

After, extracting your new map and replacing it with the previous one I rebooted BFD player and now there is no open nor half-open high-hat sound. All the Midi notes 46, 42, and 23 all sound identical, although Midi note 23 is a bit louder than the rest. I was not able to find a Midi note in the Surge Module that would make the half open or fully open sound within BFD under this new map. I was able to replicate this even with rebooting.

After going back to the previous map from two days ago, the half-open high-hat sound is now there again.
This is why I am so lost, how is it possible that the same Midi note is making a different noise with two nearly identical maps?

I would be interested to see if they would provide the option to go to a previous version of BFD just to see if it would work like it did before the update to 1.2. That way we could pretty much eliminate it being hardware issue.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can provide on my end to help with troubleshooting.

The 2nd map is set to a variable Hi Hat…you need CC4.
The Module is not sending CC4…NO CC4…NO pedal Position.
To roll back to Previous version of BFD Player…check your Downloads Folder.
There should be a zip of the previous version there unless you deleted it.
Uninstall v1.2…install the previous and see if the issues remain.

I’m not familiar with what CC4 is, or what would cause the Module to no longer send CC4.
I constantly delete my downloads folder. From what I can tell there is no way to download a previous version through the InMusic software.
I just performed a fresh install of all of it with no luck


The Hi Hat pedal is a Variable (Continuos Controller) pedal…
The Realhat utilizes a membrane switch…if these get damaged or fail (I haven’t heard or had reports of a pedal failure in over 10-15 years unless the pedal had actual damage to it) typically it’s all or nothing as a rubber actuator rolls on it increasing resistance.
IF the module is behaving badly that’s a different issue…without another pedal you can’t test…

The SURGE Kit comes with a Variable Hi Hat …AKA…Continuous Controller

If NO CC4 is being sent then the issue is with the Pedal or the Module…CC4 is a requirement and a Basic Term in E-Drumming

During this topic I have setup multiple modules with the Realhat and BFD Player V1.2 and other than the Splash articulation and the closed HH upon Startup and changing a MIDI Map…I had no issues.

Since you don’t have extra of either (module/pedal) to swap out/test and didn’t save any of the previous downloads at this point you can’t continue troubleshooting…

You’ll need to contact Alesis Support and open a ticket explaining the issues and attach the MIDIOX file (and/or a link to this topic) of the Module sending correct notes but not sending CC4 even after a Factory Reset…If you feel it’s the software ask for a link Previous Version.
As I mentioned previously…I had no issues with multiple modules including outputting CC4 but by installing a previous version will be one less off the troubleshooting list.
The software requires accurate MIDI information from the module in order to perform properly.

They will probably start from scratch go through the entire script with you again and have you Reset etc etc and check to see make sure you have the proper power adapter/supply.(some users lose theirs and purchase another with the wrong specs…happens more often than you think.)

I can confirm the issue. I have a brand new Alesis Surge Mesh SE kit and the behavior in BFDPlayer 1.2 is exactly the same as topic starter has observed: if hi-hat has been closed once - it will never sound opened again until I reload preset.
I think the issue is inside the BFD Player or maps and definitely not in the surge module or pedal.

Even despite Alesis advertise that Surge kit comes with continuous variable pedal, the pedal itself actually has only 3 zones/positions (open/close/half-open).
Surge module (as well as Nitro from what I know) doesn’t support continuous controllers, doesn’t send CC messages at all and doesn’t support other, more advanced pedals, btw, just fyi, pedal in the kit is DMHat not RealHat. What module only sends is a note and velocity. Here are the numbers:
46 - open hit
42 - closed hit
23 - half-open hit
44 - “chick” (same as closed I assume)
21 - “splash”

That’s it. The issue described by the topic starter is definitely related to software. I don’t know if the issue is in the BFD code itself or keymap, but it seems it expects CC messages to determine which sound to use and just uses “half-open hit” by default if messages are missing.
Instead it should just use sound of a fully open hit whenever note 46 comes, half-open hit when note 23 comes, full-closed for note 42 and splash for 21. (by the way it seems splash is missing at all in BFDPlayer).

@CHASER. I assume results you observated during investigation of this issue were different since you used Strike module and Realhat pedal while the Surge Kit comes with different, lower-end devices (dmhat).

I don’t know the schema of BFD keymap files and not sure if it really can be fixed with changes in map or it requires fixes in the application code. @BFD_Drew, maybe someone from BFD team can also tak a look at this?

I like BFD player, but the fact hi-hat is closed constantly makes this software unusable for now in my case :frowning:

@CHASER. I assume results you observated during investigation of this issue were different since you used Strike module and Realhat pedal while the Surge Kit comes with different, lower-end devices (dmhat).

The STRIKE Module was mapped to match the Surge Module to use it’s MIDI map and I added the Realhat to see if I could simulate the same setup.The Presumption was the Surge Kit came with a Continuous/variable Hi Hat as in the Product description and shown in Product images for the Surge Mesh Kit and in the Surge Mesh Kit FAQ’s

Surge Mesh Kit FAQ’s
Is the Hi-hat pedal a continuous or switch-type pedal?

The Hi-Hat pedal included with the Surge Kit is a continuous variable type pedal. This pedal allows for open, half-open, and closed hi-hat sounds, and will also allow for “chick” and “splash” sounds when the pedal is pressed down and released without striking the hi-hat cymbal pad.

The STRIKE Module is programmed for FSR but continuous/Variable will work.
I am well aware of the different pedals…
The “Original” DM Hat was Open/Closed Switch Type with a Tab…the DM Hat V2 shows it uses a rubber actuator. which is typically used with a membrane/Linear Softpot…is listed as Continuous/variable…and has no adjustment at the front , only Phillips screws to lock into one position…some kits have an 1/8" jack and underneath labeled Open/Closed…so may be there was a design change to a membrane switch…only speculation
The “Original” DM Hat Pedal will not Chick or Splash as it is Switch Type pedal.
The Realhat (3 Versions) was discontinued years ago.
I have posted multiple threads over the years for the pedals over at alesisDrummer.
This example most recently for the Nitro Max (Nitro 3rd Gen)…which eventually I expect a Surge Max (Surge 3rd gen)

I also have multiples of these pedal from over the years when they had design changes but no info explaining why or what for each Kit.Some of the Realhat pedal have different ranges…some have different ranges with a resistor.The DM Hat had a specific housing from the Realhat and made it simple to tell the 2 pedals apart , then it changed to the Realhat housing and finally back to the original housing,oval pedal and became V2
In this BFD Forum Topic I finally had users post MIDI info .
The After Touch issue has been reported in some forums like the Logic Forum I posted and the solution was to use a modifier/transformer to change the After Touch/Poly Pressure into a CC4 event.

If you also check above in the responses…there is an error with the Splash and Pedal being the same articulation…“Pedal” and I provided a Preset changing the assignment to Open Shank.

The confusion over the Pedals is yet another one caused by Alesis…the same as naming 3 entirely different drum modules DM10 so when a user states…“I have a Surge Mesh Kit”.
The 1st thing to figure out is which one.
The Product descriptions are the same…the modules are exactly the same.Kit pieces are the same.
The difference is asthetics and each kit has a different HH pedal which no one notices.

Surge Mesh DM Hat? (Realhat Housing)…V1

Surge Mesh SE DM Hat V2

If the belief is the software update and to actually compare a before/after.
I posted a link the installer for the previous Version V1.1.0.30 since users are stating everything worked prior to V1.2 (v1.2.1 added support for the New Alesis STRATA PRIME) and everyone (users/developers) will know once and for all.
It is the Win installer only (105MB)…when uninstalling the current version the Content folder will not be removed.Make sure you select the install locations previously selected.
I recommend deleting the BFD Player Folder under programs as you will see a window pop up “can’t delete”… the “uninstaller”
If this is forbidden (it is FREE software) then I am sure Drew will inform me to take it down.

@CHASER I have the newer one (white pads) with DM hat and the sticker under the pedal says “dm hat open/closed”.
Yes, they claim it is “continuous variable type” pedal, but actually it is just a 3-positions switch (open, half-open and close) and module is also capable to recognize and send “splash” and “chick” notes. Moreover, surge module simply doesn’t support CC and doesn’t send CC data.

Anyway, the biggest fact saying it is a software issue is that AddictiveDrums 2 (I used demo version) works correctly. Open/Closed strikes sound correctly. While in BFD the “opened” sounds only until hi-hat gets closed at least once. Then it won’t work until the preset reload.
This is 100% software issue and not the module or pedal. I think we need someone from BFD developers here.

Do you have MacOS installer of version 1.1?

@CHASER since I am not familiar with bfd keymap files format, could you please tell me how (if possible) to switch it from “variable” to a 3-position switch? I just want note 46 to correspond open hihat, 42 to closed, 23 to half-opened, 44 to “chick” and 21 to splash. Is it possible?

According to midi monitor that is all what Alesis sends: the listed notes with velocity (basically the hit power).
I am not sure if such map will help as it look quite weird that current map works fine until the first hi-hat close. Just trying to investigate

I now can confirm this is 100% software issue. BFD Player 1.1 works correctly.
I found a windows laptop and installed the previous version using an installer provided by Chaser. There is no such bug an everything works fine.
Bug reproduces only in version 1.2

BFD team has to do something with this urgently. I’d be happy to have a 1.1 version on my Mac as a quick temporary solution.

Thanks for the response and confirming that there is an issue for these modules…Nitro/Surge (Medeli DD512) and possibly the Nitro Max…which all have the 1/2 open feature/HH Pedal setup.

@CHASER since I am not familiar with bfd keymap files format, could you please tell me how (if possible) to switch it from “variable” to a 3-position switch? I just want note 46 to correspond open hihat, 42 to closed, 23 to half-opened, 44 to “chick” and 21 to splash. Is it possible?

By Default…ALL map files are Not set to Variable Hi hat…it is disabled and can only be enabled in the Full Version of BFD or manually edited/enabled.The same with Auto Transition mode…Auto Pedal…Auto Splash and other multiple features available only in the Full Version of BFD.

The MIDI OX from provided…looks like a typical Non CC Hi Hat…

The Map I Edited/provided above with Key AfterTouch Disabled…the Hi hat works as it should but the Cymbals No Longer Choke.

I took the time and setup an “Original” Crimson Kit.
The “Original” Crimson Module (Medeli DD650) has the exact same Default MIDI Mapping with the difference being it is a Full Range HH and does send CC4…along with Aftertouch and Timing Clock.

I used both versions of BFD Player v1.1.30 and v1.21 along with all the maps previously mentioned including the Nitro,Surge and Nitro Max Maps which as mentioned have the exact same Default MIDI Mapping with the exception they do Not send CC4 even tho they are updated for the Upgraded Hi Hat/additional zones.
I also enabled Variable HH versions of each…with the updated Hi hat.
Bottom Line…I had No issues with the Hi hat.
Hopefully all of the information gathered in this Topic in it’s entirety will not only be available to a user with one of these modules for troubleshooting,but also benefit the Developers so they can narrow it down to what changed and is causing the issue for these modules.

#1 It has been determined The Nitro,Surge and Nitro Max do not have a Variable Hi hat.
Continuous/Variable “Type” Pedal is misleading as the module(s) Do Not interpret/send CC4…

#2 BFD Player v1.1 does not produce the same issue as the current v1.2

@CHASER, first of all I’d like to admit the fact you’ve done an amazing job during this investigation and without your previous posts in this topic it probably would take ages for me to figure out what’s wrong with my drums or software.

So, did I understood correctly that you didn’t reproduce the issue because the module you use always sends CC data whatever mapping is configured?
I believe BFD team now can implement and release fixes in their app. BFDPlayer is really great, especially for beginners who are not familiar with DAW/VST enough to quickly start using other, more advanced level applications.

Also, I’ve downloaded the MacOS installer you’ve provided, but when I try to execute it it says “application can’t be opened”. Do you have any ideas why that’s happening?

Screenshot 2024-04-14 at 01.18.27

I don’t have a machine with a current macOS…I know it works as I tested on an older machine and it installed fine…I zipped in Win so may be that has something to do with it…

Links for Win and Mac version have been provided by Tamango in the post below

@CHASER, I have some exciting news. Let me describe step by step.

So firstly I downloaded zipped, software-only (no content) mac installer you provided via the replaced link. I was able to open it, however it asked me to provide an installation script which actually was right there. Even after I provide it and instalator opens - it doesn’t install anything and just says job is done in a few seconds. I don’t know why it happens, maybe because we are using different mac systems (don’t think so) or it misses something from the original image, or that happens due to archiving, don’t know.

Now the good part:
I used the untouched 5.5GB DMG image you provided in the previous message. And it worked! And, of course, worked correctly without that bug. By the way, inMusic Software center detected installed software correctly.

Even better part:
The half-opened and splash sounds didn’t work, but that was expected because the original “Alesis Surge Mesh SE” mapping misses assignments of 23 and 21 notes. I downloaded the fixed mapping from one of your posts above.
And, finally, everything works perfectly now. No hi-hat bug, no missing sounds, cymbals “choke” works as well.

The best part:
I decided to try to create another image with software only and with fixed mapping for Surge SE kit included. I removed the content from the original dmg image, added mapping (the original one is preserved) and made a new compressed DMG image (~ 150mb total). Then I uninstalled and removed all the BFD Player related stuff from my Mac and tested my new image. Worked just perfect.

I have uploaded this image to MediaFire cloud. As you mentioned, this is a free software and I didn’t modify the application itself, so I assume it is legal to share it. If no, please, @BFD_Drew let me know and I’ll remove it. Hope this will save tons of hours to someone who has the same issues covered in this topic. Also, I believe the issues will be fixed in the upcoming versions of BFDPlayer.

For Mac users: remove currently installed BFD Player, download the image via link below and install. Note, you do not need to remove the core library or any other content as it will be then reused.

For Windows users: remove currently installed BFD Player, download the zip archive via the link below, unzip into any location and run installer. Note, you do not need to remove the core library or any other content.

EDIT: the above instructions updated.

@Dadstro, not sure if you are still interested in fixing this, just mention you so you get notified.

@CHASER , thanks again for your help!

Thanks for all the responses and the extra efforts.
I gave up trying to figure what changes from macOS years ago…lol.
There used to be one major OS change every decade…now it’s every year.

The whole issue with these modules is kind of bizzare.
I remembered seeing the Aftertouch issue from a user at the alesisDRUMMER Forum who was using Logic.
The map with aftertouch disabled fixes the HH but you lose Cymbal Choke.
Looking at the MIDI-OX info provided it looks like a Typical Non CC Hi Hat.
The only difference I see in regards to Aftertouch being sent …is
The Crimson (Medeli DD650) MIDI-OX info (above) is sending 127 Aftertouch and 0 Aftertouch for each MIDI Note…

The Nitro/Surge,Nitro Max is sending only 127 AfterTouch.

As far as MIDI Mapping…The Alesis “Original” Crimson, Surge,Nitro , Nitro Max (different module)…Roland TD-07,TD-17,TD-27,TD-30,TD-50 and others all use the same Default base MIDI map.
The larger the kit,multiple zones or expanding using the Aux Inputs etc…the more MIDI note assignments are required…but the same exact base MIDI map a couple of adjustments can be made in the Full Version of BFD and perhaps more MIDI Editing (including MIDI Learn) in BFD Player in future updates
The main difference is Note 21 is unassigned (Splash) Note 23 is slotted for a Kick in the Roland maps and there are different curves etc set for the individual triggers…but you could actually load a TD-50 map (with 23 assigned to Crash slot) for an Alesis Nitro,Surge,Nitro Max.
You wouldn’t want to load a Surge map for the TD-50 as all the additional MIDI assignments are not present.

I attached a Surge SE/TD-50 Map… Curves are set at ZERO (Surge Mesh SE Curves are in the negative range) and I changed the 1/2 open to a different articulation.
See if anything is noticeably different

Alesis Surge SE - Roland TD-50.zip (1.5 KB)