BFD3 expansions

Hello everyone!

Just wondering if any of you have sabían vault, modern drummer snare select, Wooden and metal snares and the black álbum? Also dark farm as well.

Do you recomend them?

Is there any trick to save sole space in my pc?

I have a lot of drum libraries but i just want to buy some bfd expansions in the future.

Any place where i Can find offers for bfd3 expansions?

Welcome. Here’s the link to @Fender_Bender 's sales thread. He’s one of our most active and helpful users. Look through the post. There are about 4 or so places that offer on-going deals on BFD products.

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Hey! Thank you!

Yes i know Fender. Great and awwsome guy and an BFD3 expert.
He helped me out a lot since i bought BFD3.


All of those are fantastic, highly recommended. Best way to save space is install all the packs on a separate drive, it’s also better for performance to do it that way!

Definitely. I have 3 drives for production. 1) OS, 2) Cubase Projects & other DAW Projects, and 3) samples, libraries, loops, etc. That way the operation of those 3 types of things don’t interfere with each other when happening simultaneously.

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Interesting, I have Cubase on the same drive as OS, but I record all audio to a separate drive and also have the libraries on a separate drive. What’s the reason you have Cubase separate to OS? Have you noticed any major benefits with it like that?

No, the Cubase program is on the OS drive, just the project folder is on a separate drive, so when recording nothing is trying to write to the drive at the same time as I’m recording audio.
I edited my original comment to clarify.

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Both of those statements are debatable, especially the latter. :laughing: Two years in and I’m still learning stuff in BFD3, but I’m glad I was able to help you Nacho. :beers:

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Yeah, I think I just read your first couple of lines and it made me think you were a new member. I realize I’ve seen you around now. Anyway, glad you got things sorted. Cheers

Sabian Vault is my goto for cymbals. Stanton Moore after that. Then Zildjian vault.

Most of the others I have and use rarely. They are nice, but never seem to make the cut. My fav snares are from BFD2 and BFD3. Kicks from BFD2 and Crush.

Trying to find where I can buy that Zildjan vault expansion?

What about the black álbum expansion?

Also, is the platinum samples available for bfd3?

I can’t believe How many expansions bfd3 has and all of them sound really good.

JRR Shop still shows an inventory of multiple copies of DV2 with Fxpansion Licenses on REVERB…you could inquire about DV1 also.
I didn’t see either one on JRRSHOP own site
My understanding is 3RD party licensing has expired for Zildjian and wasn’t renewed for InMusic so I would double check on how the Licensing is being handled now for expired expansion licensing with Fxpansion Serial Numbers.I do see the Zildjian Vaults in the “Eligible BFD Products” in the migration list so maybe you can still purchase and migrate the Fxpansion Licensing.

As far as differences between expansions…
How is this product related to previous Gen16-branded packs?
“Zildjian Digital Vault combines Gen16 Z-Pack1, S-Pack1 and S-Pack2 with some minor differences:
The BFD Eco DV software is not included - the sounds are intended to be used within BFD3, BFD Eco or BFD2.
The audio backing tracks from Z-Pack1 are not included.
It is available only by download - there are no boxed versions.”

I see the Versions on Reverb are listed as being the Boxed version…so probably another question to ask especially if you are out of the country or expecting a digital download.

Fxpansion site still shows all the product info for reference…


Assuming inMusic at least can still retain the rights to the audio content, why not just repackage the Zildjian DV1+2 and just add a generic name instead? Something like, “Cymbal Classics Collection Z”, or a play on the Zildjian name? Many devs do this when they don’t have the rights to hardware emulations and they still sell well.

I’m sure many BFD users would buy this up, especially if the price was more in line with the Sabian DV expansion. They’d just have to replace any product/kit piece images that have the Zildjian name with a generic, no-name cymbal image, as is the case with some of the early BFD1 cymbals that weren’t branded. I don’t think this would bother many users. And create a new installer for the inMusic LM.

This would be a cost-effective way to bring another cymbal expansion to the line, without having to record a whole new expansion. Easy money imo.


Black Album Exp is truly awesome.

Thanks for the info, I saw those on fxpansion, wish they were selling them tho…

I found this but I am not sure about this site or that price loll

also this

Thought as much>>>>>

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I have sabian vault - my criticism is that my favourite ride (Manta Rey) doesn’t have a direct signal. It only goes through the overheads / room. Really frustrates me when sending tracks for mixing as I have to work around and create an isolated track from one or both of those.

RE: Zildjian, we don’t have the rights to the recordings any longer which is why the packs aren’t on sale with us anymore. However if you have a registration for them, you can get the newest installers and authorize those packs.

Ergo - if you can find a copy elsewhere, and then get in touch with myself (or preferrably tech support since I’m properly snowed under at the moment!) to get a replacement serial, you should be all good to go after that.

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Oh wow… that’s interesting that Zildjian were able to maintain the rights to the audio recordings themselves. Buggers. So much for that idea. Shame.

I think if you guys do work on a new expansion this year, it should be a new cymbal pack though. Either licensed, or not.

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