BFD3.4.5.28 Release Notes


This builds adds native support for Apple computers with M1 Apple Silicon (VST/AU). Pro Tools AAX is not currently supported and still requires Rosetta. Cubase12 requires Rosetta currently also, given that in M1 Native mode Steinberg have chosen to not support VST2.

The AAX and VST3 support are on our roadmap.


  • The VCA Comp now includes some presets.
  • There is now a dirty state indicator included in the preset name bar.

Bug fixes

  • Crash when deleting favourites lists.
  • Fixed hihat pedal and splash processing.
  • Crash on startup when some preference entries are very long.
  • Minor tool-tip fix to groove editor tools.

Known issues & Limitations

  • Native support for M1 Apple Silicon in Pro Tools is not yet implemented.
  • VST2 plugin will not be found by Cubase when Cubase is run in Apple Silicon mode.

Please download BFD3.4.5 via the BFD License Manager application. Please ensure you are using the latest version.


Great news. Does this at least include an AAX plugin that will work with Intel?

Yes of course. We’re still fully supporting Intel across the board. We felt it was better to get a build out rather than wait any longer.


Cool, thanks Drew. I will test it out in the coming days.

Windows users also benefit from the bug fixes?

Indeed they do. Anything particular like that would be in the release notes otherwise.

Works great. (Using BFD as an AU in Logic 10.7.7 on a MacStudio Ultra running Monterey.)
My Rosetta days are over now.

Thanks, Drew and everyone who worked on this!



Does this also include having BFD3 work with Ventura?

I’m doing well so far on Ventura on Intel.

I didn’t have any issue on Ventura on the previous version of BFD3.

This all sounds GREAT! Looks like I’ll be installing this on my M1 MacBook Pro (Big Sur) very soon. I might update to Monterey first. Dunno.

A BIG THANKS to Drew and the BFD team for making this happen.


Congratulation to the team ! It was a painful build but you did it !

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BFD3 has supported Ventura for at least the last two versions as I recall. If you’re having problems, please get in touch with support or post a bug report.

So the previous LM for build is also compatible with build

Yep, it is. License Manager hasn’t had any updates.

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Why on earth would you take 2.5 years to release an Apple Silicon native plug-in and then omit 2 of the 4 standards!? Is that going to take another 2.5 years!? And no running it in Rosetta is not an option. . In all honesty I totally forgot I even owned BFD till I saw a post of it being updated for Apple Silicon. Oh well that was a waste of downloading and installing. Back to making music :wink:


Dear BFD_Draw,

I work professionally with Pro tools, and it’s disappointing to wait so long for a BFD3 update so I can work in Pro Tools without using Rosseta using all my virtual instruments that are already native (Ivory; Trillian) and this update arrives "3.4.5 " NO support for Apple sicilon native AAX! It’s Desperate!
Opening a session loaded with virtual instruments with various tracks and plugins in Rosseta mode is very difficult for the computer!
Extremely Heavy!
With all due respect to your work and the team, but the great software for Virtual Batteries are already supported natively. For example: Superior Drummer 3; Addctive Drummer 2; Ezdrummer…
And when seven years ago I bought the BFD3 at FXpansion, the purchase price was practically the same as the Toontrack Superior Drummer; but believing that it would support new technologies, I chose to spend my money on BFD3 and expansions.

NEED TO WORK! I’m an audio professional! Like many fellow studio owners here in Brazil, I am disappointed with this lack of support! Because PRO TOOLS is the MAIN daw of the audio industry! Leaving PRO TOOLS without support for native AAX Apple silicon is unthinkable in 2023! almost 3 years after the technology was implemented by Apple.
PLEASE! We Pro Tools users need an update with native AAX support URGENT!
I spent a lot of money buying plugins with native AAX apple silicon support, and I’m stuck in time because of BFD3!
When will this be resolved? I have to meet deadlines! I need predictability!!!

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@Mauro My friend, Avid released official Apple Silicon support in late March of 2023… this year! For the supposed leaders in the audio industry, why did it take them 2 years and 4 months (almost 3 years as you said, is not really accurate) to officially release an update for Apple Silicon + AAX? Avid obviously has infinitely more resources at their disposal than inMusic and the BFD crew and they only have to test and update for their own proprietary plugin format, not AU/VST/VST3.

FWIW… I’ve been using Pro Tools on Intel since 2007, so I’m not a PT hater at all. Just adding some needed perspective.

Honestly, we are lucky that BFD is still alive at all, as it was a sinking ship not too long ago with no future support in sight. BFD3 is a decade old(?) and we are still getting free updates?!! Does Avid offer free updates for their software?

I understand the criticism of inMusic and BFD3 with the list of bugs and the wait for M1 support. I myself have also been pretty critical and honest at times with how I feel. I’m just grateful that it’s even still around at all because the competition doesn’t really impress me. I’m able to be patient with the slow timeline and updates, being on Intel Mac.


thank you, thank you, thank you
BFD3 works fine on my M1 Mac!
I really appreciate it.
If BFD4 is released, I will definitely buy it.
Best wishes to all BFD staff!!


I’ve been waiting so long for this update. For me this process has been very difficult stepping up to the M1 Max Studio machine and waiting for BFD to become native had me going elsewhere to get my production done. I hope the company continue to support this product and its user base as well as the license manager which I’ve had a lot of problems with. I feel Apple is the real culprit behind this debacle but we all have had to grin and bare it.

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