BFD3.4.4.31 Release Notes

I am in the exact same boat as you on the eternal reauthorise loop with no luck. It “authorises” in LM then as soon as I open BFD3 it has the “no authorisation found” message you have. What is weird is that the first time I opened BFD3 in stand alone it worked? I closed it and opened reaper and it haven’t worked again. Same just got an M1 and running Monterrey

I have the same “no license found problem”. Had to do a windows reinstall and the BFD3 re-install won’t authorize. I went back to an old version, hopefully there will be a fix eventually.

I am the same. I did a complete wondows re-install in an attempt to fix a BFD issue that I wasn’t getting any answer about. Now I can’t even authorise.

Can I ask, has anyone had any response back from recently? I’ve been trying to get a response since early last week and I’m getting nothing, not even a confirmation that they have had my email.


Update on this. Got a message back from helpdesk, all sorted now.

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What did they say?

Still stuck with Auth loop on 2021 Macbook Pro (M1 Pro)
Older 2015 Macbook Pro is fine with Auth

They reset my authorisation on my account, all seems good now (touch wood).

They reset my authorizations today (maxed out but didn’t get the error message for that)

Followed the support steps again to reauthorize and reinstall and still have the broken authorization loop

Thanks for pointing me to support, at least I’m working with them now on this

Your getting this with windows? I thought it was a M1 Mac issue. It’s atrocious this BS

What did they do to fix it?

Like i said in my previous post, they went into my account and reset my authorisations. Admittedly this was after me completely re-installing windows and then BFD straight after, then having to get onto the support line because it was still coming up as ‘maximum authorisations breached’.

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BFD3 updates has been a catastrophe since Inmusic took over. I lost all my favorites presets and grooves in the update. Hours and hours of work. And support just said bad luck ! Before BFD3 was such a fantastick plugin.

So far so good for me, no issues here

Im on an M1, aside from it not working native, hopefully I will get the M1 beta invite soon for VST3

BFD2/BFD 3 3.3.1 LM
OSX 10.14.6
Logic 10.4.6
INMusic account up and running

I feel I should update as I currently can’t try/view any demo packs and crashes occur when dragging grooves to logic but I have to say as a fairly experienced tech/music maker I’m a little nervous.Started on BFD 1 still use BFD2 , now using BFD3 more and more Some GUI layout stuff irks a bit but I love the sound detail and comprehensive control / flexibility of BFD3 . A powerful drum tool indeed.

  1. Have projects using demo kits/bfd2 presets etc. should I update, Is it safe ?

2)Are BFD1/BFD2/BFD3 authorisations (withINMusic) based on the number of computers (2) or the number of operating systems installs.e.g Mojave/High Sierra on one machine and El Capitan/High Sierra on another? If it is the later are 4 installs of BFD1/2/3/ permitted?

  1. I’m backed up ( Time Machine and CC) If it goes Pete Tong does INMusic system prevent me form using Tim Machine to dial back to v 3.3.1

Currently running:

BFD 2 on El Capitan on old MacBook
BFD2 and BFD3 (3.3.1) on Mojave /Mac Pro.

It all works except I can’t audition any more packs ( though I have horsepower/Retro/Oblivion demo packs appearing/working)

I have the latest LM dowloaded (30622)ready to run but I’m not convinced all will go well based on forum posts.As my LM no longer works would I be better off just sticking with what working ? Based on the above info any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Machine/Library/Application support/ FXpansion…system Presets /grooves etc.
User/Library/Application support / FXpansion…User Prefs/Demo Cache
User/Documents/FXpansion/BFD user Presets/Grooves etc.
Audio 0 BFD Samples /
BFD3 Core Library (audio/grooves)and
BFD2 (audio/grooves)
BFD1 (data etc)

FXpansion servers no longer have the demo packs feature. If the pop-up annoys you, someone explained how they got rid of it on macOS.

You can actually have both the FXpansion and inMusic LM and BFD3 running on the same machine. For the time being, I would just keep your FX version running. However, in the meantime, you can start to migrate over to inMusic and get things ready because in your case, you will have a few steps to do.

Just so you’re aware, inMusic’s DRM is different than FXpansion’s.You still get 3 machine authorizations, but inMusic’s LM will do license checks over the internet every 90 days, or in some cases less. You can work offline in between that period. It’s been a bit bumpy, but it mostly works. The last few times my products got de-authorized, I was able to authorize them again without a problem. You’re on older Intel Mac’s, so you shouldn’t have any compatibility issues. I’m running the latest BFD3 on Mojave and it’s fine.

So, if you decide to go that route and update your BFD version this is what you need to do. On your FXpansion account page, you should see a link to migrate your account over to inMusic. You will need to create an account with inMusic. This is very important… Make sure your email address is the same for both FXpansion and inMusic. That’s the only way the migration will work. Once that’s all done, you can download the new LM here:

This LM is completely separate from FXpansion’s. Once you sign into the new LM, should should then see your eligible products to authorize and download. The only thing you will need to download first is BFD3. Don’t worry about the Core Library or your expansions. Open the new BFD3 in standalone and add your content locations.

You can’t use the BFD1 or 2 serials, or content. They are unsupported products through inMusic and don’t get migrated. However, you can get replacement serials for both libraries (Eldorado & London Sessions). Once you get those new serials, you will enter them in the inMusic LM, authorize and download the new content. They are the same sounds, but just packaged differently by name, so you can’t use the OG BFD1&2 content with this BFD3. If you have other expansions that don’t get migrated, I think you can get replacements for those as well. Here’s the thread about it:

Fender Bender!
Thank you kindly for your comprehensive reply.
I already transferred to inMusic account a while back but I will check emails are same ( good tip)before proceeding.Couple more questions if you have time…

1)Re BFD2 and BD1 content.If the package names have changed, surely that won’t affect all the names of the grooves , presets and kit pieces etc which would mean that 10 years of Logic sessions wouldn’t find /load BFD2/1 patches correctly for sessions?

2)Can I just still use BFD2 as a separate plugin with the original content , preset names
that would be recognised by my older Logic sessions?

3)Do I have to download all the content again ( Eldorado/London sessions) in order for BFD3 to play BFD2 sounds?

  1. I have a handful of songs using bits of demo packs ( A great feature!) does the new LM process nuke them completely, maybe I could rename demo cache and make them part of my scan path?Im entitled to a free pack

My main concerns are that BFD2 (& BFD 3 )patches are recognised and load correctly in Logic after the migration process.(I’ve copied them all to logics user preset library for quick access see pic)Now to get High Sierra on 2008 Mac book to have BFD3 working on Laptop too…sigh…
Thanks again, apologies for the questions.


@spon No, that won’t change anything with using your old presets within BFD3, but if your Logic sessions are saved with the BFD2 plugin, that won’t carry over to BFD3. You’d have to load those old BFD presets in BFD3 and save that session again, or track preset. I think what may happen with Logic is, that it will show duplicate presets in that left browser window because it will be looking in your FXpansion folder and the new inMusic BFD3 folder for presets. The new system will migrate your presets from the old FX folder to the new one, or you can do it manually.

Yes, you can still use BFD2 along side BFD3. They are completely different. Even if you’re sharing some of the same library content from the same location between BFD3.3/3.4, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Yes, to use BFD1+2 sounds in BFD3, you will need to download and install Eldorado and London Sessions. All your old presets will load fine. Maybe there’s just one or two kit pieces that are missing. I can’t remember. I don’t really pull up those old kits much anymore. The newer ones are so much better.Though the OG kits are fun.

No, no demos will show or sound in the inMusic BFD3.

It kinda sounds like you may be better off just sticking with the FXpansion version for now. Unless you have a good reason for wanting to upgrade? Functionality-wise, I don’t know how much has improved from 3.3. I never had it myself. I think you still get a free expansion pack for migrating, so that might be something to consider. Like I said, if you can get the new one set up right, you can use both and figure out which is working out better for you, but at some point you will just have to pick one and go with it because it could get wonky with having to juggle presets from both versions.

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Thanks again FB think Im understanding the process involved better now.As It happens my desk is in for repair so having a bit of a sorting week , updating stuff , getting my 2008 MBP running Mojave( same as MP 5,1)
Will likely end up having to to this suff at some point so maybe plough though/print off some audio.Might grab the Horsepowers as my gift ,and buy mod retro in the sales… Anyhoo I emailed drew re serials.
I got into habit of saving BFD2 logic user presets as song title as well.I can also batch rename all presets if needs be to differentiate between doubles.Yay.Yes BFD3 kits sound better anyway.Thanks again for your knowledge and help

Good luck with everything. Yeah, I grabbed Horsepower as my freebie. That thing is awesome and reach for it all the time. Modern Retro is another good value when on sale. I just picked up Dunnett Ti and that is really superb as well. :beers:

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