BFD3.4.4.31 Release Notes

There is in the first part of these release notes. No there is no way that anyone can avoid it. Because of changes to the system (which improve it massively) it unfortunately requires everyone to re-authorize. Going forward, the system should be much less annoying. The future may see more improvements too.


It’s literally the second line in bold.


Okay, before you color me stupid, the above quote “BRD3.4.4 WILL require ALL…” is what the last release also said and it worked out fine for me on my Mac. But not my PC, which was from one version earlier.

Yes, I’m fine with reauthorizing. My problem was that I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO REAUTHORIZE. I wasn’t complaining about the need to authorize. I was complaining about my INABILITY to authorize.

So, please pay attention to what I’m saying. Literally. :wink: You’ll have to try harder to make me look clueless. It’s not impossible, but it does take some determination. :slight_smile:


Bro, I have no intention of trying to make anyone look/feel stupid (except maybe myself on occasion). I’m just posting what I read in the notes for reference.

All is well in the world again. I have my drums back.


Hey Drew, really appreciate all the hard work. I remember reading somewhere that the next release would be M1 compatible. I can’t see it in the notes. Is it still in the works?
Thanks again

Yep working on it! We hit a snag with some 3rd party code that needs to be updated before we can go to beta. But it is in progress, and there isn’t too much more work to do.


Thanks, much appreciated.

This is good. As things currently stand BFD (latest version ) does not function within Digital Performer running Apple Silicon Native, whereas all others plugins I own except three from Boz work perfectly under Rosetta within DP Native. BFD crashes the MOTU audio engine.

As an aside, I am wondering how I can gain access to my BFD 1 and BFD2 data; it is all installed on my Mac, and the License manager finds it, but doesn’t seem to offer a way for me to activate my licenses for these and a couple of add ons I picked up along the way.


@HCMarkus You need replacement serials for BFD1+2 (Eldorado + London Sessions). Add the new serials to the LM and download the content. You can’t use the old Fxpansion BFD1+2 content. Different libraries by name. Read this:

Dear Mr. Bender:

Very kind you are. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I’ll be sure to reach out to Drew once a version of BFD is released that will run properly on my Mac Studio within Digital Performer Apple Silicon Native.

Have a great one , and thanks again!

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So we’ll need to redownload all the same content for BFD1+2 to use it, as it has a different name now…
Balls, I’ve just moved out to the sticks with rubbish connection… :roll_eyes:

@trax It’s not that they have different names now because of BFD Drums/inMusic … those replacement expansions have been around for years. This is just a workaround for being able to use those legacy products that are no longer supported and weren’t eligible products to be migrated with the transition to inMusic.

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