BFD3.4.4.29 Release Notes

There is a new public version of BFD3, version number Please read these release notes thoroughly.

*** BFD3.4.4 WILL require ALL users to re-authorize their software.

Make sure you have installed BFD3.4.4.29 and make sure you are running BFD License Manager version

Please ensure you are logged into the BFD License Manager before attempting to authorize.

if you cannot re-authorize, please contact ***


BFD3.4.4 addresses stability and performance issues, including overall robustness of the software unlock licensing system. It introduces a license auto-refresh mechanism to alleviate user concerns with the system. As long as you are online and logged into your inMusic profile via the BFD License Manager, the system will auto-refresh licenses silently in the background as required.

If you are an offline user, you will be able to see when licenses will need to be rechecked.

The following improvements to the authentication system have been made:

  • Added separate tabs for installed and registered products to BFD License Manager. No internet connection is necessary to see license status of installed products (BFD License Manager can now start when offline). If there was an error contacting the server, registered products tab will show an appropriate error message.
  • BFD3 and BFD License Manager will auto-refresh licenses in background on startup and when refreshing products list in BFD License Manager
  • BFD License Manager will now display time until license has to be refreshed (especially useful for users that are offline most of the time) as well as more detailed license status
  • misc UI fixes and improvements

But please do note - users HAVE to be signed into the license manager, even when offline. If you logout, your authorizations will stop working. This does not affect product ownership.

Detailed Release notes - BFD - Version BFD3.4.4

BFD3 - New Features

  • UTF-16 character support for user accounts on windows
  • Mixer shows meters even when channels are muted
  • Mute+Solo behaviour improved - implied solo logic is now more modern and intuitive

BFD License Manager - Bug Issues Resolved

  • Crash when poor internet connection causes Product List Refresh to fail
  • User reporting that License Manager cannot connect in China
  • License manager not responding
  • License Manager says Expansions are not Authorized

BFD3 - Bug Issues Resolved

  • BFD3 enabled despite license being expired (Win only)
  • Rapid DAW transport start-stop stress test can crash BFD
  • The ‘produce diagnostic report’ button in the preferences causes an error
  • Only some tracks meters are active when soloing
  • Solo mute representation appears to be incorrect
  • Imply-Soloed upstream sends is incorrect: bug Hearing too many channels on a buss
  • Ambient send level not restored with processed kitpiece
  • macOS BFD3 Uninstaller within BFD LM fails to launch due to incorrect path
  • Inconsistency in output assignments
  • BFD3 quits unexpectedly during “Migrate Now”
  • Keyboard shortcuts not working when BFD is plugin in Ableton Live 11, win10
  • Long mac path support (was: BFD3 AU causes crash while launching in Logic Pro)
  • User reporting incorrect thumbnails and overlapping KP graphics
  • Drag Exporting grooves with “Export Audio not MIDI” causes freeze
  • DAW crashes when loading in a processed sample
  • Loading BFD2 presets does not recall ambient mic routings correctly
  • BFD3 has been disabled after updating to in macOS Monterey
  • Resetting preferences sets profile drop-down to “Economy detail 16 bit”
  • Unable to run on Windows 10 accounts with Japanese characters
  • BFD3 notes getting randomly choked during playback
  • Kit/Preset loading progress bars not finalising
  • Projects crash when using multiple instances in Reaper, Studio One, Ableton Live
  • Fixed a crash when loading presets.
  • crash on rescan all with non paths
  • drag kit piece creates slot but doesn’t load.
  • hihat audition strip in KP inspector silent in “all artics” mode until another artic is selected
  • Effects A-B switch bug
  • Fixed Null chan pointer dereference when connecting mics to kitpiece - channel name matching
  • Fixed Damping code low pass term storage made assumption that right channel index was +1 left channel index
  • Fixed credits box bug.
  • Fixed Apple empty date string reinterpretation issue

BFD - Task Issues Resolved

  • MIDI Map panel keyboards: vector drawn, less frenetic
  • Resize midi map artic list when GUI is big
  • BFD should tell users to go online to recheck license if there is 20 or fewer days until license expiry
  • Add preference / menu item for Meter When Muted

Hi, Where do I get BFD License Manager version please. If I download from Downloads and Documentation | BFD I get BFD BFD License Manager_3053_Win.exe, Which shows
Screenshot 2022-05-24 134530
Once installed.
Thanks for your time.

It comes with the BFD3 download itself - sorry for not being clear on that. Download via existing License Manager, then close License Manager, and install the new BFD version. Everything will update.

Web team will update the links on the downloads page shortly.

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Wow, this is a big one. I’m scared to try though. :thinking:

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Can’t wait to get home and try it out! How big is the download?

Okay, Great. Thank you :slight_smile:
Edit : All working here! Fantastic, Cheers all.

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Just the program and LM, no content, so only about 78Mb. You’ll be up and running with the new version in a minute.

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I have been facing that problem is standalone too, but I only find it happening when using it on my laptop and I have connected headphones via bluetooth, and instructing the app to use the headphones as the primary output. Most times I have to completely disconnect bluetooth and restart everything for this to work again, but it returns sporadically.

Another thing I have always struggled with on standalone on the laptop, which is indirectly related to this isuue, if I try to select the menu (BFD3 / Window / Help) items, nothing pops down, or they pop down for a split second and vansih, not allowing any sort of selection to their sub groups.

Macbook Pro MontereyOS

@Murt - Do you have more than one sound device in the pc?

What audio interface are you using?

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Just revert/install to the previous build and LM for now. I always backup the last 2 versions of each as a precaution.

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I noticed two things, not sure if they were always there, or if the update caused them.

  • When switching the audio driver, the sample rate stays the same, regardless of the device’s support of the sample rate. I use onboard sound and an RME Digiface. When switching from the onboard to the RME, the sample rate will stick to 48 and I have no sound. If I then switch to 96 and then proceed to switch the driver back to the onboard, sample rate remains at 96 even though the driver doesn’t support that. (Displayport to screen, not onboard Realtek etc.)
  • The alert (Audio error xx - couldn’t open the audio stream) hides behind the main BFD window, but the window won’t allow to be handled out of the way so that we can get to the alert. We have to bring the window up from the taskbar.
  • To get sound, I had to first set the device up correctly, in my case Digiface, 96k, phones out, and then exit BFD and enter again. Other than that, I haven’t run into anything weird yet.

We’ve not seen any blue screens in-house, nor did any of the beta testers. It’s totally possible this is a device specific thing, but we’d have to test for that.

The one thing we have seen in house is the “audio driver not available - error 02” issue that people have reported. This is currently a known issue and is under exploration. I would hope we can fix it in 3.4.5.x.

As to your specific issue, my advice for the time being is to avoid using standalone until we can figure out what is going on.

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Just as additional info, I too get a blue screen of death when trying to use standalone.

My card is a bit esoteric, Sonic Core XITE-1, but works with other standalone programs and of course various DAWs. It has ASIO2 drivers, so I dont think they’re out of date.

Luckily I also dont use standalone much, but it might help point to the issue.

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Ah, ok. I had the problem a few versions back. Can’t remember the last good version, maybe even BFD2!

License manager doesn’t “see” 3 of my expansions that were fully working prior to updating to, they show up under registered products though.

I messaged support.

When you say it doesn’t see them, does BFD3.4 still see them? Are they listed under the Contents Locations panel?

Hi & thanks for getting back so quick Drew!

The manager doesn’t see them but they are in my BFD3 folder on my samples drive.
The folders are of the right size as far as I can see.

The expansions were both authorized and listed under “registered products” in the previous version(3.4.2 I think?).
In the three are listed under “registered products” but not seen as installed and thus also not authorized.
The missing expansions are Deluxe, XFL & Sphere if that is of any use.

I have restarted both manager and BFD, done several rescans, the only thing I think I haven’t done is reinstall them.

Edit: The installed license manager says it’s version
OS is Win 10 Pro 21H2

Re install those and rescan. I had to do that here.

Can anyone confirm whether dragging MIDI grooves still crashes BFD3? I don’t want to update without a concrete reason because authorization is not my primary focus here…

For those who have experienced this kind of crash, here’s something worth knowing: When I tested BFD3 v3.4.3.7 on my old power Mac in Sierra, I noticed that dragging MIDI grooves into the project timeline in Studio One or onto the desktop via standalone causes BFD3 and Studio One to crash.
However, when I tried dragging MIDI grooves in Digital Performer 10.13, it worked perfectly. How 'bout them apples? :slight_smile:

The Mac is not my main music machine, but it mirrors the same crashes I experience on Win 10, PC.

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Installed without any problems. Working standalone and VST in Cubase 12 on macOS 11.6.6