Just updated to new/recent BFD3 version - auth fails

Back into the scenario of problems with authorisation again.

Have to say guys - worst authorisation system of all the plug-ins I use. Please sort it out!

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Have you read the release notes here:


If that doesn’t cover it, please give me more details.

In addition to Drew’s reply regarding the release notes, you should now see a tab on the right side of the new Licence Manager that says 'Recheck in X amount of days.

It’s a countdown timer that tells you how many days you have left before you will need to reauthorise.
If you’ve just had to reauthorise today, then it should say you have 90 days remaining.

Whilst having to reauthorise is obviously not what people want, having it there is extremely useful for those who don’t want to have their DAW’s on line all the time.


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Yes. I read the notes. Authorisation worked on my laptop but has failed on my desktop.

I’m getting to the point of ditching BFD3 and finding an alternative. I don’t have time for this.


Looking at your account there were previous authorizations that needed to be cleared out, just as I said in the release notes. I’ve just done this now, so you should be good to go.

You need to understand that previously there were bugs in the authorization system which meant that people were having to authorize when they were not supposed to. This has caused (for a subset of users) their accounts to have used up more authorizations than intended.

We’ve fixed those bugs, but a consequence is that everyone needs to re-authorize. Once they do, it should tick along perfectly fine.