BFD3.4.0.24 - Bug Reports

This is a neverending battle with me, not specific to BFD. I basically gave up on organizing Applications itself. I’ll never win that battle. Too many programs don’t want to cooperate.

I dealt with it by creating a new subdirectories in Applications, where I put aliases to specific apps. I then put those subdirectories in the docker bar. So, there’s one for recording applications and one for photography apps. I have a further subdirectory to recording applications just for aliases to recording application license tools and downloaders.

I should probably make another one for productivity apps by now, and another for developer apps. It’s a headache.

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This whole thing was never an issue with Mac OS. What started this damned trend? Unlike Windows, applications are usually self-contained packages (folders), and can be run from anywhere. So WHY are we being forced to have a monolithic mess of an Applications folder?

It’s like allowing us control over this would mean the Launchpad was just a pointless feature addition to satisfy corporate desire to make Mac OS more like iOS… which IT TOTALLY IS, especially when Launchpad is inundated with usability BUGS.

I haven’t seen here, so here it is:

  • Open BFD3 (standalone or plugin)
  • Click the panic button (with exclamation mark, at the top of the GUI)
  • Expected: panic performed
  • Actual: crash to desktop of BFD3 standalone or DAW (REAPER in my case)
    Happens every time

Windows 10 Pro x64, REAPER 6.28 x64.

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Tested. Same specs.


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Confirmed here too, it just disappears.


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BFD3.4 images for kit pieces and keymaps get mixed up in Logic:

Re-opening the UI does not solve this. Removing BFD3.4 from the project track and adding it back doesn’t solve this. Closing Logic and restarting it and loading the project fixes the image problems, but then the sounds are wrong.

The ambient mic bussing is set wrong on load of presets/projects (ie: Snare “Room” send was going to "OH’, instead of “Room”). This seemed to be the primary difference in the sound of a snare being wrong on one project… However, while editing another project, BFD3.4 changed something else upon reloading the project file, with the same sounding effect, but these controls seem not to have any impact on the sound any more. EDIT: Possibly the levels for the Ambient Mic busses are wrong. I’m comparing them and they’re all wrong in BFD3.4, compared to BFD2.

Also the panning was flipped, and I found a Gain FX value off, too.

Logic 10.4.8, High Sierra 10.13.6

I have never had crashing problems with Logic before but I am now.

I went back to BFD 3.3 to be able to work offline. Has this been fixed? I don’t dare update to unless I know it will work offline. It took me so long to get 3.3 back as the 3.4 update fritzed my old version.

No updates as of yet so I’d stick until the next build arrives, then you can twist. :wink:

You may get notification when the update is released but I’d recommend you keep checking the forum to be sure. It may go to us beta testers before being released this time which could delay the process a little.


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Hi Steve63.

After my nightmare with it all - Id prefer you testers to test it all first (please, please, please bypass management deadlines).


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I’d be happy to Neil but that decision wouldn’t be down to us beta testers.

I’m guessing the on line thing should be a simple fix that probably wouldn’t requite testing but the next release will be addressing other issues that probably will need testing.



After my attempt (or the computers) at removing all my old bfd stuff from my fxpansion account - that did not go very well.

And with the new computer set up now entering the build phase. It don’t look to good as I couldn’t re install it all when it went ape.

Luckily for me system restore worked fine - but it don’t hold up well to installing it all on the new build as it wouldn’t re install on this old one.

Looks like when I get the new build the bfd3 stuff will have to take a back seat.

The installation side of things, specially since migration, is not going well for me.

For me - I’m not sure BFD3 needed fixing - as it wasn’t broke (a little trim here and there would have been fine). But that’s progress for you.

I’ll be glad when it’s all done and dusted then I can get back to programming drum tracks.


The SSE4.1 are instruction sets built into the CPU that support mostly multimedia functions. The Phenom doesn’t support SSE4.1, the FX series that came after was the first AMD CPU that did.

Something similar here too. Loaded two snares (unlinked), 2nd one had 2 channels not showing in mixer but I think the audio was fine, just could not blend those other 2 mic channels.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but why does BFD3 not work at all, unless you have all plugin formats installed? I deleted my Component and VST/3 files because I don’t need them and the Standalone and AAX wouldn’t load. It’s not a huge deal, but I generally like to keep formats off my drive that I’m not using to save space. I can’t recall if this behavior was the same with BFD2?

I’m also having the missing snare bottom channel with BFD3 HP. I’m pretty sure I can hear it, but it’s not in the mixer.

@Fender_Bender @omegaBlock Are you on Windows or Mac?

I’m on macOS 10.13.6.

I’ve seen this with other soft synths. Sometimes the standalone app just isn’t. It’s really a mini host that requires the plugin to be present in the usual place plugins live. It’s extra weird when I found that the plugin used by such a mini host was the VST and not the AU, on Mac OS…

Makes sense. I don’t tend to use standalone VSTi’s much and don’t install them, but I haven’t run into this with like say IK, or Arturia stuff. Again, not a huge deal, but it caught me off guard and I was like, Ok, what the hell did I just trash? :rofl:

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Interesting “bug” I’ve noticed but cannot explain or even give steps to repeat:

After installing BFD3, opening a Logic project with BFD2 in it MIGHT crash Logic. Attempting to load the project a second time seems to reliably work just fine. It’s a one-time-only thing.

This never happened before I installed BFD3, and it only happens with projects that have BFD2. As I am going through all my projects to replace BFD2 with BFD3, I have encountered this several times. Eventually there will be no more BFD2 left in my projects and I’ll remove it from my system, but I wanted to mention it here in case someone knows an obvious reason for it.

I couldn’t see anything I personally recognized as meaningful in the crash report sent to Apple, but I could attach one here if anyone wants the next one that happens.

EDIT: It happened again when unfreezing an instance of BFD2 and trying to view the UI. And I see text files cannot be attached here. Sigh.


[Post re-edited for clarity]

There are bugs reading BFD2 presets in BFD3.4 (in standalone AND Logic 10.4.8).

• Ambient Mic bussing for “Room” is changed to “OH” instead of “Room”.
• Closing project and reopening causes the top item, “OH”, to be set to “Room”.
• Reopening sometimes changes the levels in the Ambient Mic settings panel.
• Panning of kit pieces is reversed. For example: a snare at 25%L turned to +25%R. Sometimes the mixer panning indicator is not updated (shows C when the kit piece is clearly panned).
• Kit piece pictures in the mixer are all mixed up (not sure if this relates to preset loading, but it did NOT happen in standalone). See above post: BFD3.4.0.24 - Bug Reports - #67 by dysamoria

Expected behavior? Settings should be loaded CORRECTLY.

We CANNOT attach ZIP files or .bfd2/.bfd3 files to forum posts. Here’s a DropBox link:

I say again: BFD3.4 IS A MESS!!!

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