Apple M1 support

What do you mean, no end in sight?

They’ve just released the update so that surely is ‘the end’?


Ok, so I might be off the mark here, but I seem to be up to date, according the licence manager. BFD runs stand-alone, but not properly within my DAW where I need it. Contents Locations don’t scan. Also, my libraries are quite messed up and much of the content is missing. It is quite a new install so I don’t see that being an issue, though it could be. I basically check in every now and then to see what progress has been made beyond testing. So… I’ve been out of action with BFD since it was taken over.
I am running an M1 Max and use Ableton and Logic.

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Okay, I’m an idiot, there was a new update put out last week but it’s for beta testers.
By all accounts it’s working well but I’m a windows user so can’t say any more and shouldn’t have mentioned it any way.
My bad.

I would hope for yours, and all M1 users it will go public soon.

Have you tried to reach support about Ableton and the locations not scanning and have you checked to make sure you’re running the no9st up to fate versions?

You’ll need to download the licence manager here (BFD Downloads) and then download the most recent BFD3.


Thanks, Steve. Your reply is appreciated. I should have included more info in my ‘rant’. And it’s not so much a rant any more. It’s more of a resignation of hope. It’s quite laughable really.