Apple M1 support

Are there any plans to add native support for the Apple M1 processor?


Yes it’s coming within the next few months.


Thanks Drew, that’s great to hear.

Yes, great to hear :slight_smile:

On my M1, the standalone is actually working fine. Seems the Rosetta translation is o.k. The AU plug-in opens in Logic, but doesn’t load kit pieces etc. (it says “searching”). Also, the record button seems to be stuck. So in short, standalone is o.k., plug in not (yet). However, I am not fully sure whether the plugin issue is M1 related or has something to do with the issues other users are facing with the plugin. Will probably do some more experimenting with this. In any case, this means that BFD isn’t fully ‘gone’ for M1 users, and that it may work on Apple Silicon systems even now - at least as standalone.

@TQUnderground. Maybe you already know. But the AU plugin works just fine with Logic if you run the DAW in Rosetta mode.


Hi Peter, yes, I know, but the Rosetta Logic is no option for me, as most of my other stuff runs in the native Logic very well… TQ

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Excellent news, thinking about upgrading to new Mac.

Hey it’s been a few month already… what’s up with M1 support ? :wink:

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More than a few! :slight_smile:

Where is BFD ARM? :slight_smile:


It’s in progress. We’ve hit some speed bumps with the auth system and we’re focusing on tweaks there, as well as general stability with the BFD3 build.

BFD3.4.4.x build coming soon. M1 support next year at this rate, sorry!


That’s unfortunate…. But bad news really beats no news. And I am aware that it can be painful to announce delays to customers so : thank you

The auth really is a priority (it did drive me a bit nuts) and I actually planned on selling my licence with no M1 support in sight…

but knowing that, I will hang to it a little longer :slight_smile:

There is a lot of waiting for M1 support among creatives (looking at you, iZotope!). But nice to know it’s coming!

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Waiting on m1 support… hopefully it’s all coming along soon

Is there any news on the release for silicon?

I just got a new computer, and with only 3 tracks working (1 bfd, 2 guitars) I am getting static and popping in the sound. I contacted apple and had a member of their software team working on it with me, as I was certain it was a problem with logic/monterey. Apple had me start a new project… no static or pops. Then they had me record some guitars. No static or pops. Then I added BFD3 back in, and whether it was muted or not I had static and pops. The only reason I am running logic in rosetta is for BFD3 support- so I am hazarding a guess that when BFD3 supports silicon my problems will be solved? At least I am hoping. I am not 100% certain the problem is BFD3, but it seems to be. Apple said it was the plugin having problems and it appears so- but to be fair I only have a few days of fooling around with this new computer and to be certain is going to take more tests and time.

Sorry, we’re still waiting for an M1 build. As soon as it is ready and QA’d, we will release. I’m hopeful that it will be Q1 this year!

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That’s good news! Any update on VST3 support? Cubase M1 users will need a VST3/M1 version.

Spent good money on a new machine and BFD. Now productions are crippled. Anyone have a suggestion for an alternative while we wait for M1 support?

what happened to m1 Native support in the next few months? (April '21)

I do wish BFD were a bit more open, something along the lines of Reaper’s pre release builds but as vague as BFD like, where we at least have some sort of roadmap of what might be coming in the next build/builds and how far along they are, in its own dedicated info thread.

It’d make for a lot less posts wondering what the hell is going on. But I get the feeling I’m spoiled and Reaper is a large exception when it comes to communication from developers of software.

It also probably makes a huge difference that the Reaper team is pretty much only a couple of people, and therefore lot easier to keep track of where the devs are at and condense it into regular posts.

A girl can dream :slight_smile: