Apple M1 support

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Hope Drew gets you sorted soon. Good luck.

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I would love to do the beta for m1. I don’t need audio units. What do I need to do? Thanks

Hi Sweben,

Please see this link: BFD Private Beta - Now Taking Applications!

Kind regards,

Living Room Rocker


I’ve done the application twice and have not received anything

I applied, too… no response to date.

I just want to be able to use BFD on my M1 Mac. Spent a few hours trying to fix it without success. No other plugin issues; I don’t hav e time to waste on this, so new tracks are all using SD. Makes this BFD1/2/3 owner sad.


Please, how long do I have to wait?

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in early 2021 I was told that the Apple Silicon release wound be available “within the next few month”. Two weeks ago (February of 2023) I bought Superior drummer 3. For me the wait is over…

An M1 native build just hit the beta team.


Fantastic news :slight_smile: x twenty

I just hope the next M1 build doesn’t break those of us still on Intel and that it can clean up some of the nagging bugs that have been lingering. :crossed_fingers:


As a beta tester, I can testify it’s working flawlessly so far in logic so far (and I didn’t have any auth problem despite not having launched BFD in ages)

I. am. so. happy.

congrats to the team !

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Am I missing something. I thought this has been in beta testing for awhile?
Not trying to be snarky, just thought it was further along than this?

It was, then we paused it for a while. We resumed in recent weeks, and we’ve now got something that is almost ready for public consumption!


Does the new M1 version work with the Apple M2 chip?

Not that I have one but just curios.


This is the AU+M1 beta we are talking about :slight_smile:

We had a M1 vst beta a while ago, but M1+AU was much more difficult than anticipated (they had to rewrite tons of stuffs apparently and couldn’t give any ETA for a long time).


Yeah it should work.

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Hi all,

Apologies for my delayed response to this thread. Thank you for taking the time to apply, we have been unable to process beta applications in recent months but do hope to recruit more in the coming weeks.

Kind regards, Rayne

Should be referred to as Apple Silicon support really. M3 will be out soon. :wink:

Oh, I see this thread was started in 2021 :slight_smile:


You’re right, thanks :grinning:

I know this is not a great thing to say, but I really feel like we’ve been strung along with this update. Somehow it’s become this perpetual waiting game with no end in sight. I’d be pretty darn annoyed and frustrated if we don’t see something special…if it does happen.
Didn’t we all get a free expansion when BFD was taken over? Not much of a sweetener if you can’t use it.
Sorry for the rant, but it’s not been a good experience.