Apple M1 support

BFD3 …Testing etc has not been completed for Compatibility…

“We encourage all our users to remain on their current OS until all necessary hardware and software products have been qualified for use with the macOS Ventura operating system.”

BFD | macOS 13 Ventura Compatibility : BFD Drums

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Seriously… info like this needs to be stickied on this forum. To have a one click-link to all the current and relevant issues would really help out new users to quickly answer their questions.


It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to place a Link to the main BFD KNOWLEDGE BASE.
It is on the Main BFD site…however as with the alesisDRUMMER site…there are many users that have no idea a Knowledge Base exists for products or that it is being rebuilt/updated regularly and just glance over it…the drop down menu has the Forum above it,so most head here first and once here there is no return link .

For example this Topic has a modified update on the Knowledge base dated Dec 9 2022…
I added a link to Apple for Rosetta Setup.

BFD | Mac M1+M2 Compatibility

BFD is not yet natively compatible with computers running Mac’s M1 + M2 ARM chips.

Although BFD3 is not yet natively supported for use with M1 processors, some users have had success using the software with the Rosetta 2 emulator platform. This is an apple-based emulator that allows Intel-based software to run on apple silicon systems. For more details on installing and using Rosetta, please refer to Apple’s setup guide.

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it’s not about the knowledge base, I’ve been watching this forum for over a year, I know what users struggle with and how to deal with some problems on their own without cluttering the forum. BFD worked natively under Os Ventura after the latest update does not work. I also asked many times for beta versions of Bfd 4… to no avail… it seems to me that a better action is to help users than to teach them that they can’t read the forum

There is currently no beta, or even alfa version of BFD4 I’m afraid.


BFD is the only software I have been waiting for m1 audio unit support. Personally I have tried to be understanding while waiting but I seem to have got to the point where I no longer am willing to spend money on a product that is having such a difficult time staying up to date. I’ve moved to superior drummer as they do stay up to date.


We’ve put another developer on the M1 case in order to expedite the finalisation of it. I’ll post here when we know more. Thanks for your patience everyone, I know it is annoying. We’ll get there!!


This is great news! Thanks for the update :slight_smile:


Running DAW with rosetta will increase the cpu usage rate and reduce the running speed, which is why we are so anxious, not to use rosetta to run it to accommodate.

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Nice one Andrew, good to hear that you are still keeping on top of this and giving it focus. You and the team will no doubt have this nailed before long.

New M2 MBP with 96GB out now. I’ve held out for a while just because I wasn’t going to move on from my Intel quite yet. But, that could change this year, esp if they release a 128GB version.

I’ve disabled VST2 folders and only use VST3. VST3 because I’m running Cubase as well as Ableton. Getting the VST2 plugins out-of-the-way, helps forward project compatibility. BFD3 is now the only plugin I’m using which is stuck on VST2, therefore I’m using other solutions.

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So is there any way to get hold of a beta build that will work on M1? I’ve been holding off on finishing some projects in hope that there would be a new release, but it would be nice to be able to carry on with them, even if there are bugs.
I applied to the beta testing team a while back but I have gotten no response.

If you PM @BFD_Drew he should be able to provide you with one.


I’ve been able to use the BFD3 M1 beta build (vst2) via Bidule/Patchworks in Cubase running native and it’s been very solid so far and is holding me over ok.

While not ideal it works as a temp solution, at least for people who already have Bidule or Patchworks (I wouldn’t tell anyone to go spend $100 on either of those just to use BFD).

Dev showed me a working M1 build this week. It was a debug build, but we’re not too far away from running a build through beta and getting it out to the public.


This is great news. Thanks for the update :grinning:

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Hey @BFD_Drew, I’d love to get a hold of that beta (VST3 is enough), but I can’t seem to send you a PM as a I’m a new forum user. Any chance you can PM me with a link?


Welcome Eyal,
Here’s how you get promoted so you can private message Drew:

Thank you! However hopefully being a BFD user for over 10 years is a better qualification for the beta than randomly spamming the forum until I get the privilege to send a PM, won’t you agree? :slight_smile: