Apple M1 support

ahem… < insert get out of jail free card here >

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When VST3 comes out, we’ll be flooding the forum with Rocky clips. “Andreooouuuwwww…” “Andreeeeoooouuwww…”

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Hiya Drew! Now that I can run BFD3 on my M1 machines, I’m looking forward to perhaps actually contributing something to this process. For now, my massive library (almost everything FXP ever made) loaded just fine, and seems to be working great in native mode. That ain’t “beta testing,” but just thought I’d share my auspicious start. :slight_smile:

I hate to ask this, since the long-awaited M1 build just appeared, but do you have any predictions about when the plugin versions will be added? I’m a Logic developer/user, and I’m looking forward to hacking away on BFD in that DAW.

Congrats on this big-deal release!

Whoopsie! I realized after reading other testers’ posts that this build was intended to load the plugin versions. Sorry! The installer DID load the AU plugin, but it doesn’t appear in Logic. But I’ll cover that in a proper bug report.