Yellow Triangles Content not found

Recently purchased BFD3 and am running into the yellow triangles with exclamation marks when trying to load a kit. I followed all advice here and still nothing. Akai Pro

Running out of ideas, so would appreciate any help. I’m on Mac Big Sur, 11.6, running BFD 3.4.2 Build 4 64 bit. I even tried moving the content to a different hard drive and rescanning, but I still get the dreaded yellow triangles.
Would appreciate any advice on how to fix. Tech support does not seem to respond to my emails.

Does BFD3 have permission to read the drive?

Try System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Privacy → Full Disk Access, and Files and Folders.

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Thanks for that bit of info. I did not have BFD3 set up to read the drive, but even after giving BFD3 permission, I’m still seeing the yellow triangles. Do those settings in System Preferences only apply to the main drive or external hard drives? My BFD3 content is on an external drive.

I think there might have been a change in how it operated under Big Sur. I remember MacOS used to explicity ask to allow access to external drives. I believe Files & Folders covers things like your Downloads, Documents, etc. I’ll try to dig up a little more info on it. Maybe the permission was moved to something I don’t see.

If it’s an external drive, make sure it’s the one you think it is. I have a main one and a backup. So, sometimes one is mounted in eg. /Volumes/FXpansion, and others /Volumes/FXpansion1 - even though they’re both named Samples. Depending on how fast they come up, I could actually be using one or the other. So make sure you path really points where you think it does. I’d delete it and rescan, just to force it.

I also hate to suggest reboot and/or reinstall, because it explains nothing. But, sometimes that actually is a solution. There has to be something simple with this.

I tried moving the BFD folder to my Downloads folder, restarting, and that didn’t help either. Let me know if you can figure out any other ideas that I can try. Thanks!

When you say you moved it, did you also go under Content Locations, delete the old locations, and add and rescan the new locations? Moving the directory and restarting alone won’t fix it. You have to tell BFD where it’s located and then rescan it so it knows where to find everything.

I wouldn’t keep it my main drive. Generally, you want samples of any type on an external drive.

Yes, I moved the folder, deleted old location, rescanned at new location to tell BFD where to find the new directory. Can’t think of what else I can try to make this work. Appreciate any other advice you might have.

The only thing I can think of would be that there’s something missing from the content. I don’t know what that would be. Maybe try downloading and reinstalling again?

I tried downloading and installing again, and I’m still running into the same issue.
Is there a way to cleanly uninstall BFD3 and start over?

There’s an uninstaller in ~/Library/Application Support/BFD Drums/BFD3. I don’t remember running it, so I don’t know what it does, but give it a try.

I’ve also done it manually. I’d have to search for the directories I blew away, but it wasn’t more complicated than that. I’ll have to get back to you on that. I think I may have posted it on this site at some point.

Found it. Just do the deletions that I specify below, and it’ll be gone, baby, gone. Don’t press the Migrate button when you do the reinstall. That just copies information over from the old FXpansion directories. You can copy that over manually once you have a working system.

(click on the link. It doesn’t all appear in the message quote)

Thanks for all your help. Deleting and reinstalling did the trick. Not sure what happened. Maybe something got corrupted when I first installed. All good now. Thanks!

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