Impossible to use BFD3

Try sending your support requests to,


Thank you… i will try

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I think I’d seen a few posts where people claimed that uninstalling the LM and then re-installing t fixed whatever the problem was but it’s a haphazard fix akin to, ‘have you tired turning it off and on again’ I know. :slight_smile:


Now that works correctly…

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20 characters of Yay!

Do you mean reinstalling worked or the support email address?


Bfd3 works again and i just receive my first answer from inmusic… it is just a warning message telling me that I will receive technical answers in a future one…

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New user here who can’t post a new topic yet. Since the migration to Inmusic, I’m on a new machine and NOTHING works. I’m on the latest versions of license manager and BFD 3. When I start either stand alone or plugin, it tries to scan for content for a few minutes, then crashes. As a result I’ve hit a brick wall on a job on a deadline. Anyone else find a solution? I’m on a mac, 10.15.7. Many thanks

Did you import settings and content? Try uninstalling completely, and then reinstall without importing anything. Just, a bare install, no imports, no Add BFD2 Paths, and with just the latest BFD3 content. You’ll have an opportunity to move over your old FXpansion content once you’re up and running.

Then, add and scan each expansion individually. When that’s done, manually copy your old FXpansion presets, kits and grooves over as needed.

Hi Kafka

I followed the instructions InMusic emailed out when the migration happened. I don’t really have any saved presets or grooves at all, but as you can imagine I’m not keen to redownload the BFD2 and BFD3 libraries.

Also, I’m unable to fully uninstall BFD3 - when I try to, the license manager tells me there’s no uninstaller present.

This whole thing is a real mess. Been a user since the beta of BFD1 and never experienced anything like this before.

An update - manually deleted the BFD3 app and reinstalled. I unticked the migrate data option. When I start BFD3 from the new installation, it again tries to scan and eventually crashes.

Edit: Also deleted all the BFD preferences I could find - same outcome.

Well, first, BFD2 is now London, and the old BFD2 content isn’t usable. You’re going to have to download it again. @BFD_Drew will have to issue you a new license that you can add to your inMusic account. From there, you’ll redownload it. You’ll need to PM him your old BFD2 serial number.

It’s a Mac, so don’t worry about an uninstaller. Just take the old application and move it to Trash. Also, you might want to delete your ~/Library/Application Support/BFD Drums, ~/Library/Application Support/com.inmusicbrands.softwareunlock, and the /Library/Application Support/BFD Drums directories. That’s where all the action is anyway. Just put them in Trash, or move them somewhere else if you feel unsure about that. Then do a bare bones reinstall.

All the licenses are authorised and migrated so I’m not sure what’s going on there.

I’ll try deleting the inmusicbrands stuff as well, but I get the impression it’s trying to scan locations that are problematic for some reason, and it falls over as a result.

Conversely, installation and operation of a competitors product which I like a little less than BFD has been seamless. This is a really crappy situation and I’m definitely not the only one with problems judging from the forums.

Yeah, it’s crappy. A lot of people are having problems. BFD needs to fix this stuff.

There have been some issues with scanning hanging. There were improvements in the latest releases, but some people still have issues. The best way through it is to minimize the amount it scans at once.

The inmusic thing doesn’t really make any difference. Leave it if you want, or delete it. It doesn’t really matter. Similarly, the app isn’t going to be improved by reinstalling it. If you want to do a partial reinstall, feel free to experiment. But if you want to do a complete factory reset uninstall/resinstall, that’s how you do it.

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@kafka thank you! Deleting all those library files you listed has done the trick. The app starts and the core library is playable. I’ll PM @BFD_Drew re the BFD2 stuff. Cheers!

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It was the same for me (on PC) but with the last upgrade of BFD3 (not only the licence manager), it is now ok

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It scans at each new session two… but it currently does not crash

User since BFD 1.5 - huge probs with BFD 3 and licensing etc, will abandon if they don’t change the licensing system.

Whoever heard of 30 day re-authorisations for non-subscription software? Paid for it, it should work without going online every 30 days. Which I cannot always do…rubbish system.

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Hi All,

Forgive the delay in our responses at the moment, going forward we will be far more active in assisting. Is this issue still ongoing for you all, or has it been resolved since? Let us know and we’ll do what we can to assist you going forward. Kind Regards~