Which BFD3 logo do you prefer?

I like the old logo. I think the previous logo looks better,but the new font is good What do you think?


BFD 3.4 Logo

BFD 3.3 Logo

I have no preference.


I like both and whilst I’d like to have seen some of the colour retained in the new logo I much prefer the fact that it’s instantly recognisable as a pair of sticks on a snare I have no idea what the original logo was.

It always looked kind of like a Psychic TV logo to me. :thinking:

I don’t see them changing it and even if they did it wouldn’t return to what it was.
The new logo was to mark a new era with a new company.



I like both and the new one looks slighly better in my eyes. Them main thing however is that BFD3 is running on my machine again :blush:



I dont give a shit about logos, but agreed, at least the new one looks instantly recognisable as a snare and sticks to me. I never understood the last logo either tbh.

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I liked Psychic TV by the way, supported them a couple times too. :wink:


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I would like the new logo but with the old 3.

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I’m not fond of the Apple and Microsoft inspired flat minimalism that’s been a disgusting fad since 2013. So neither of these is to my taste.

The whole damned industry needs to go back to using meaningful designs, using depth and more than 8 colors in flat and vague shapes.

The UI design of BFD3 is way uglier than BFD2, and that’s how I feel about ALL of these stupid minimalist obsessed flat designs all over the computer industry. It’s lazy and ugly. There’s no reason that, in an era with millions of colors and high-PPI, we are using overly simplistic lines and EGA colors to create UIs that look like they escaped from the early 1990s, except they’re slightly less aliased.

Every time I look at my iPhone 4 with iOS 6.x running on it, I am reminded of how beautiful design was at one time. Today, it’s just garbage.

So many plugins come out with “line & circle UIs”. No artist required! It’s the “I can do everything” school of thought. The “programmers as artists, because we don’t want to pay artists because art is stupid” school of thought.

Hire a designer. Use color. Use depth. Do something to make your stuff NOT look like EVERYONE ELSE’S junk!

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I agree with you that the drum plug-in should be placed in front of you with a set of real drums instead of simple lines, followed by subtle animation feedback when you strike, which makes people feel like they are playing a set of real drums. On this point, the GUI of Superior Drummer 3 is very good, but the details of its recording are not as high as BFD. I also don’t like the garbage design since the birth of iOS 7. It is too ugly and the learning cost is higher. I look forward to BFD 4 bringing us some better designs.

I heard people say that the whole “flat look” trend was because they wanted something that wouldn’t use up as many GPU resources, or something along those lines. I’m not sure if there’s any truth to that, but nowadays, everyone pretty much has decent GPU’s that are more than capable. I myself never liked that transition and trend. That’s part of the reason I never upgraded to BFD 3 back when it came out. I guess I’ve gotten used to flat UI’s over time and there’s no avoiding it.

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There was, (at the time) a reason for BFD3’s minimalist interface and that was to help people with lower spec DAWs and reduce CPU and graphics overheads that were considered unnecessary.

At least that was the official explanation.

I much preferred the skeuomorphic design of BFD2 but much preferred the work flow in BFD3.

Logo’s have always been minimalist surely?
I mean they’re designed to be simple and nothing more then a recognisable symbol

At the time of release, BFD3 DID look like nothing else in the world of VSTi’s.


What dysamoria said should be the overall GUI of the software

I personally prefer the BFD3 design a lot over the BFD2 version. I love to use the dark theme although it has not been develloped to a high maturity degree. I like the possibility of BFD3 to scale the screensize and switch between the different views (kit view, groove editor etc.). Although I dont’t remember the BFD2 screens excactly anymore I remember that I embraced BFD3 as a big step forward regarding overview and usability. I still like the design a lot after all those years.

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Nice :slight_smile: I was always bit more fascinated by them than a listener (and the offshoot bands from throbbing gristle etc), still got a recent Genesis docu to watch. Psychic TV had a fanzine (I think, long thrown out now) that helped me get into various dream work, meditation etc. Their logo always stuck with me as a great design.

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Yeah I think BBC4 put out a really good documentary a few years ago.
He’s a bit of a mess and his health isn’t so good but an interesting guy.

I knew some people who shared a house with him in Beck Road Hackney, he was by all accounts a really heavy sleeper (possibly the drugs) but they wheeled his bed into the street with him in it one morning, set up some speakers either side of his head and blasted out a Brotherhood of Man album to wake him up.
Just for a laugh, not sure he got the joke though.

Throbbing Gristle were great.


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Sorry to tell you but he died March 2020.

I think this is the docu I have waiting on my hard drive to watch - The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye - Wikipedia

Shit, I did actually know that.

It’s amazing how many people I think are still alive years after they left. :roll_eyes:

Documentary looks like one to watch out for.


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Yeah, it’s way too subtle in the current version of BFD. I am constantly not sure if I am clicking on the right thing, and the actual PLACE to click is another non-obvious issue with flat design. Sometimes line art is near impossible to click on because the hotspots are the color, and the alpha transparency is the majority of the graphic.

I started with the dark mode, but gave it up because it’s entirely broken with smaller elements on screen. Blue blue on black is NEVER OK. This is another Apple mistake. Apple used to push good design, and now they’re pushing bad design. Going from good to bad just shows how mindless the whole industry is about design. It’s follow, not lead. Not even “do what makes good sense”. Follow, and nothing but.

Definitely the first one!