Which BFD3 logo do you prefer?

I really like the new one.

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I prefer the font of this old one, with the logo of the new one. I’ve make some times to understand the fist ne is a charley…

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It was a charley all this time ??

Whats a charley? Im confused :slight_smile:

Oh that’s true, I’m not sure if it’s used in english.
It’s an other name for the hi-hat, in french we also use the name “Charley”, from “Charleston” that means the hi-hat… Maybe in other languages too, I don’t know :wink:

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Interesting. Im only a bit of a drum programmer with a liking for real drum sounds, so thats not a term I’ve heard before.

Are we saying the old logo, the one that is now clearly a drum with sticks on it, the old logo represents a hi hat? If so, I still cant see it :smiley: I dont think I ever would have figured that out :slight_smile:


I’m of the programming sort these days.

I can clearly see a drum and sticks - that’s as far as it goes these days.

Still no preference - only hoping for a bfd that works 100%.


It’s an open hi hat seen from the side. I am very good at drawing stick men, so I recognized it right away even then! :smiley:


GOT IT! I see what you mean now! :slight_smile:

Hahaha, I never would have noticed without it being pointed out :slight_smile:


I like the first one slightly better. In general never liked the BFD design aesthetic. Hopefully, a whole new look is in the works for BFD 4. Something more like Toontrack…

One of the reasons I started playing drums was because of how great a drum kit looks. Get rid of the blueprint interface. I want to envision the kit I am playing. What would be really cool would be to build a kit in blueprint view, placing all of the parts where you want them, picking out a finish and then rendering finished kit. But I’d settle for just having it work like it should.

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