What do you want in BFD4?

Have you tried right clicking on your drum channel and clicking, 'save channel preset?

Never used it so can’t guarantee it’s what you want but worth a shot.


Well, two of us, at any rate.

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As Steve mentioned, you can save channel presets, but they will only save the FX and not the drum itself. What I found easier, is to just load/swap new drums on channels I already have with fx and kit tweaks. Then you can save that whole new kit+fx as a preset.

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That sounds worth trying. Thanks.

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Good idea. Thanks you for 20 characters.


Ability to change paths to user data (presets, etc.).

Remap articulation on drum as a saved kit piece preference. Your old libraries have Hit, Edge, Bell, Bow on cymbals. A few of them are really annoying to deal because “hit” is “edge” on one cymbal while “hit” is “bow” on others.

More rides 21/22" - The libraries I have (and I have almost all the ones with cymbals) are not well populated for these. Some heavy rides in 21/22 would be nice.

Some of your more recent libraries (Oblivian / Crush) have really low levels on cymbals. This is not helpful and should not be done. We can level cymbals down ourselves. It creates problems with swapping kit pieces. Keep doing cymbals close mike at full level and let us do the level down.

Also a PEQ (e.g. PEQ3) would be nice. The frequency range of the bands should not be limited. When hunting for frequencies of hatred, it is annoying to have to switch between bands of a filter plugin.

If Linux support is in, then very happy. I am currently on Windoze for music stuff. Would very much like to make that go to linux. BFD is one of the two problems I have to do that.

There’s going to be a BFD 4?!?! Hell yeah.

There are two requests I would love to add that for whatever reason Toontrack does not give you the option (which I find very bizarre)

Having an option to have 32 mono outs (would be amazing for reaper, Logic Pro,etc. users)

Also the option to tune drums by pitch. I know there is a tuning system, but to be able to differentiate between pitch quickly would really speed things along.

Ps. A triggering system for audio tracks in a DAW would be pretty cool. Like having a plug-in that sends trigger info to BFD separately. Kinda like Slate Trigger but with BFD sounds. I’ve been fantasizing about that for years.

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20 characters of “me as well!!” :slight_smile:

I really wish they’d even add more mono/stereo outputs to BFD3 really, as I’ll be using it well into the release of BFD4, until the kinks are ironed out. It’s an annoying limitation. With larger kits, I find myself having to sum all the toms to a stereo track in my DAW, as well as direct cymbal mics. It forces you to try and get the balances right when printing, but if you’re into a dense mix and need to adjust the volume on one of those direct mics, you have to go back into BFD3 and re-print again. It can really slow you down.

Of course the workaround is to just do one pass with everything except toms, cymbals and whatever else couldn’t fit and then a second pass with those channels routed individually, but it’s not ideal and could get confusing with having different parts of the kit routed to the same outputs.

BFD3 DRM/authorization process is not reliable at all. I have more hours trying to get BFD3 to work than playing/using BFD3.

  • I would like to see a DRM/authorization process for BFD4 that is simple to use and does not penalize users that paid good money for it (Software gets cracked, but the majority of users have paid for the product).
  • A revamped simple GUI - I dislike the photo realistic drum GUI in other programs (AD2, EZD3, SD3 etc) The GUI is what attracted me to BFD3.
  • A upfront easy way to see what pack/kit is loaded. Combine the BDF2 & BFD3 presets and kits and release them with BFD4.
  • Apple silicon support
    A good product implements everything well. I hope BFD4 gets BFD back on track. I’ll be waiting.

BFD3 made me waste too much time on apple silicon

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What would I like to see in BFD4? An option to get a refund that disables BFD once the money’s in my bank.

If they gave Dembo one, you should be able to get one as well. I assumed you’ve already reached out to them and they haven’t responded?

InMusic don’t respond to anything, I think you’ve been around long enough to know that. All I want is my money back and I’ll happily go away. As it is I’ll keep banging on about this in every forum I can.

They haven’t even responded to my data access request, which is illegal btw, but I think we know that inMusic think they’re above the law.

I guess they’re worried if two people get a refund then the floodgates will open.

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Inmusic doesnt owe anyone any refunds. Its typical that digital goods are not refundable, but most companies are reasonable. If the purchase was made within 30 days, then I guess someone has a right to a refund, but if its been months or years, I dont think so. Even if the software is busted up bad. Look, I bought BFD3 back in the day from Fxpansion. Who the hell am I going to ask to refund me, and how? I dont have the original payment method from years ago. Lets be reasonable here. Everyone who wants a refund because the software doesnt work, will have to wait just like everyone else. It seems as though they are working on it, and doing some internal beta testing.


the issue is the relaunch which rendered all prior investment in BFD/expansions useless as the result of a poorly implemented drm and the utter lack of transparency wrt a fundamental expectation by existing users based on the original license agreement. despite the neglect under Roli, what we had still worked and we were able to carry on with existing projects.

ya, you could lawyer up and claim there might have been some mention of a significant change buried in the bowels of an installer, but you can bet most of us assumed, in good faith, that this was an update like all previous experiences with BFD. I sure don’t recall anything of the sort, and perhaps that’s what InMusic was counting on. Or just incredibly poor execution which seems to be more likely.

it’s sorta like being told you’re getting 10 liters for free at the filling station only it turned out to be sugar in the tank. it’s not the end of the world, but it hit hardest for those with the greatest appreciation for it’s value. just saying…


I totally agree, and I totally understand. Unfortunately, the plugin was passed around one too many times between companies.

Is there going to be a BFD4? Obviously an easier interface and more detailed manual. I don’t know if this is possible now; but I’d like to see the ability to create an output template to match my DAW so I don’t have to set it up for each kit. Thanks for the help. - George

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