What do you want in BFD4?

No, it hot plugs fine with Pro Tools… my issue is in Standalone only.

EQ and Pass Filters FX.

Add a band-pass filter option for the eq and have the low-pass filter go below 3k… down to 100Hz or more preferably. That would give you another option for a band-pass-type filter. I’m trying to isolate a certain frequency range and I feel like it would be useful. There’s the HiLo Balance, but I don’t know what the slopes are and I prefer to fine-tune myself.

That’s another thing. Have the ability to choose EQ Slopes as well.

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Side Snare Mic (a’la Kevin Parker) in the core library.

I know some (one?) of the expansion packs have snare side recordings, but it’d be absolutely awesome to see this mic position included in the core library by default. It captures the rack tom in a VERY pleasing way (so bleed from the rest of the kit would be important) and it’s something that no other drum library out there features so there is absolutely a gap in the market.

Oh also, a mono overhead.


+1 for this option.
fwiw, some of the kits have a mono “kit” mic which can be useful


Id like to see some advanced drum modeling to the tune of what Drum Modo has been doing. I think its the next step in drum software. More detail and depth of how different heads, beaters, mufflers, sticks, shell depth and materials play a major role in drum sound. I do agree that bfd has the libraries/sampling down and the next progression to improve on should be drum modeling. The GUI will naturally improve over time and isn’t as big of an undertaking as drum modeling would be and making as big of a difference as modeling would. But on the topic of interface- let me point out how mostly terrible the grooves are, then the groove setup and player/menus. These need to be addressed immediately. You need to hire better drummers!!! This is what plagues just about all drum software until recently.

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Add a dedicated soft/hard clipper for FX.

M1 silicon before anything. All Mac users are moving to it, with a good chuck already on it. Should have been done already to protect the brand.

It is literally in beta testing right now.


I am literally cracking open a cold beer right now :beers: :heart_eyes: