What do you want in BFD4?

Well, sorry, @markj, I didn’t catch the first message where you mentioned On and Off samples.

When I bought BFD in a box, I bought it because it was BIG FUCKING DRUMS. I didn’t care about snare spilling into the toms. In fact that was the whole point. But, time… time did its job, and softened me up a bit. Nowadays, I too enjoy a tom free of snares’ noise occasionally. And what do you know, in BFD 3 there are some toms (6 mapleworks) recorded with a snare, and without a snare. Maybe time roughed them up too? Who knows! The point is, I don’t think anything can be done about the past, Eldorado, London Sessions, or any other expansion already recorded. But we can ask for Snare On/Off samples for the toms in the future. (Oh Camco also has them)

One could also take this a step further and argue that the sympathetic snare buzz feels right only when the right snare meets the right tom, from when they were recorded together, and that in other cases it’s not a fit. I don’t know. It all depends. I hate it when toms are so lifeless and clean during high-energy playing. Drums don’t do that normally. On the other hand, I like some clean toms when going for an intimate processed studio sound. Obvious is obvious.

Ah, ok, that’s more clear, I got it.

Very unfortuntaely the great mapleworks toms were recorded very “lightly” and only jazz oriented. It takes way too much work to make those somewhat useable for anything but jazz. Wish they chose the DWs for the snare off sample sets but I def get why they chose that kit for it. Makes perfect sense in a light jazz style. Atleast they have the Andy Johns amazing kit which has great snare off samples, but I really want to see it from fxpansion’s core library. Yes, the snare buzz can have its place only for in yer face rockin out but I use this stuff mainly for playalongs, which snare buzz or any noise in the kit is terrible for. I’m a purist. I do kinda love the built-in effects still and the compressors are very natural yet still punchy sounding. I cant wait to see the effects overhaul. Cmon Fxpansion BRING ON BFD4 already!! No more expansions. It is time

@markj Just so you know, Fxpansion has nothing to do with BFD now, so they won’t hear your pleas. :wink:

If you’re looking for snare-off samples, just grab one of the snare expansions when they’re on sale for $30. Wooden snares might be just what you’re looking for and they sound better than the core stuff anyways.

And as far as BFD4, if they still can’t get BFD3 and the LM squared away, where every other post on here is about a frustrated user, I don’t think now is the time for BFD4, unless they have a secret team developing BFD4 and left the B team for BFD3.

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It’s the toms we’re nitpicking over. Most toms in most kits are recorded with a snare singing alongside them. Sometimes it’s a snare with its snares tuned fairly sharp, so it’s a just a tight and light buzz. Other times when the strainers are on but loose, it’s a fat and deep growl.

Wooden Snares is top notch though! :ok_hand:t3:

Oops. I didn’t read the the whole convo between you two. I just saw Mark’s post and talking about strainers-off samples, but I misunderstood.

Some shells are recorded with strainer on, and some recorded with off. Depends on the pack and what is right for the style of music it is intended for.

At the moment.

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Naah none of those snares sounds better than the tempesta snare. They do sound very nice. Other bad news I forgot about fxpansion not in the project anymore. So then whos listening to our “pleas” here ?
It isn’t about getting bfd3 squared away! this thread is all about getting bfd4 right :wink:
The last thing that should be done is to try and update bfd3 and implement fixes. This is about implementing what’s right in bfd4. forget about bfd3!! that’s long history and the GUI shortcomings were a mistake that was made straight from the beginning. they need to redeem themselves in a way in the next iteration of bfd. Its been a ridiculous amount of time. The next progression is bfd4 with all the new frameworks and technologies. It would be so silly of them to update bfd3.

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I want it to work!!! :slightly_smiling_face:
After a month of writing to BFD Support, I finally got BFD 3, and Horsepower installed in License Manager. It now says, that both are Installed, and Authorized.
But, BFD 3 is NOT showing up in my DAW Logic Pro X.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I would post this as a separate post as you’re more like to get a response.

Are you on PC or mac?
If the latter, might it be a permissions issue?
I’m neither Logic nor a mac user so should probably leave it to someone who is.


In Logic go to:

  1. Preferences/Plugin Manager. Bottom left should show the Manufacturer and look for BFD. If it is not there then go to bottom of screen and do a Full Audio Unit Reset. If you look to the right on that screen you will see if it was Successfully Validated by Logics AU manager

  2. Make sure BFD is not BLOCKED in the SystemPreferences/Security and Privacy

  3. You could try trashing Logics preferences

  4. HD/Library/Audio/Plugins/Components and look for BFD3 there, if its not there you won’t see it in Logic. This would mean you need to re install BFD3 application

  5. Start a new thread so we can figure this out. Just copy and paste your issue into a new one

You can PM me here as well

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Hi, After installing BFD3 3-4 times, it finally installed, and everything is working.
Thanks for help.


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I beg you can you make bfd3 run in the logic under apple slicon, now you don’t need rosseta’ to open it is searching, I really beg you