What do you want in BFD4?

Not all the flexibility you’re asking for, but it does invert the order and puts the kick on the bottom.


+1 on screen resizability, multi-monitor support, detachable palette (wasn’t that a song by King Missile?)

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Some things I come across with more often:

  • I really want a resizable GUI.
    Especially when in the grove editor, it feels like I am scrolling from left to right more than actually working on the grove.
  • The DRM is too much. I don’t like to have my ‘work’ computer hooked on the internet all the time and it doesn’t take much research to see that it isn’t really good at protecting the product either.
  • Presets shouldn’t come with groves when loading one or at least get a question prompt asking if you want this to happen. This is very annoying when you are in a DAW and you press play. Then you hear the groves from that preset.
  • The mixer and effects could get a major overhaul.
    Make it more DAW like. It’s easier to use and easier to understand for the user as they already know
    that workflow.
  • Maybe two styles of interfaces. An easy one and an expert one.
  • Use the license manager as a one stop proper update manager and store. I don’t want to click extra things. When I click update, I want it to install automatically. Look at Steam! Rebrand ‘License Manager’ to ‘the Drumhub’ or ‘the Drumlocker.’ That feels much friendlier than ‘license manager’ anyway!
  • Which bring me to Microtransactions: a lot of the time, I love a snare but don’t care for the rest of a pack. I wish I could buy just the snare for like 2,95 or 5 dollars. And make it so that if I want to buy the entire pack at a later time, I get a discount due to the item I already bought.
    Often I also find full packs to expensive so I won’t buy them. So if I could grab what I needed, I would probably spend the same if not more on expansion packs but more tailored to me.
  • At least for the upgrade of BFD3 to BFD4, I hope it won’t be a expensive upgrade and possibly a free one. While I do love the sounds and I did like the free expansion given on the migration. It was a really bumpy road experience which costed me a few months of downtime and I am really scared of something like that again with a big upgrade.

As things I want to keep

  • I really like the color scheme and the way everything looks. It feels easy on the eyes tho I hope for a (proper) darkmode version as well.
  • While other drum software has gone with 3D looking drums, I feel like BFD3 feels more clean and easier to see.
  • The easy perspective switch is great. I like the audience in recording but I play with drummer perspective. So being able to switch that instantly on the homepage is nice.

Other than that, despite the troubling road with the migration and getting things to work properly again, I am really happy with BFD3. So I don’t necessarily need a BFD4 if some of the things mentioned could be implemented in a BFD3 version.

Keep up the good work!


I keep forgetting to post this, but I would like more than 16 (mono/stereo) outs in the mixer. Sorry if this has already been mentioned.

Kind regards,

Living Room Rocker

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You don’t have to be on line all the time, as of the latest build you now have a 90 day countdown.
You have to stay logged in but disconnecting from the internet doesn’t log you out.

I know it’s a compromise but once every 90 days can’t be that bad?


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You are right, it isn’t that bad. Just really, really unnecessary.
If you really have to check up on your customers. Do it every time there is an update and when you are installing new content. At those times you actually have to connect with the server anyway. Then don’t bother me until I bring the machine back online.

Maybe for the future do something like what Microsoft is doing with Windows licenses.
Link the license to hardware. Then you don’t have to recheck until you change your hardware or want to install it on another device.

I am not pointing to sites for obvious reasons but evidently, the DRM hasn’t worked for nearly every version of BFD3 and not just for BFD3. Also other software. So why add another slightly annoyance to the software to people who paid up even if I am probably in the minority regarding running BFD on an offline machine.

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I think this is a fantastic idea!


I think I did mention this here a while back. Indeed 16 mono outs is not quite enough for larger kits to go to DAW.


Hi, let me preface this with a warning, that Im not a computer wizard or a BFD Genius. So if I say something stupid or have overlooked something . . . well . . .

I want preset key maps for 25 key midi controllers, I am always riddled with not enough toms or cymbals in BFD presets. The left hand side of my controller is good, but the right side is a mess. I have customized some in the past and had my key map disappear over time.


There are 53 keymaps on offer with BFD3 so it might be better to say which one’s you want.

There were quite a few maps that users had created on the old forum but not sure if there are any here.
Maybe someone could start a thread as a sticky?

Although I haven’t mapped for a midi controller I have used the keymap page so I can have kits laid out how I like in my DAW and it was really simple.
Might be worth looking for some youtube tutorials or going through the manual if you want to have a go yourself.

Midi controllers change every year so the ones that ship with BFD3 are never going to be totally up to date.


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I think any new version should have a Licence Manager that assumes full control of your whole computer , and constantly scans it - suggesting new ways in which you could improve your retail experience.

That would suggest it letting you know what its doing.

It’ll constantly scan, not tell you what its doing, then shut down BFD completely, then ask you if you want to buy any expansions or other InMusic products, without letting you know those are time limited demos too.

Then BFD might start to work again, who knows? The customer wont know, thats for sure, not until its too late.

No mate.
Licence Manager will basically take control of your whole life.
It will constantly scan everything you do on your platform - and suggest ways of improving your experience.
Like “Hey , I noticed you spent 4 hours on Pornhub last night. Maybe you should try our Jazz Noir , if you like that darker stuff”.

I was nowhere near Pornhub last night!

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When previewing kit pieces in the Drums browser by clicking on them but not clicking the tick in order to load them, lovely feature, but would be nice if their info and graphic also loaded in the Tech/Model window enabling the user to tweak them on the fly, not sure if this has already been requested?

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hmm - you have missed the point I guess. The only thing you replied to on the same page would be the damping. Yes, I kinda forgot about that tiny, too hidden but critical knob when I was posting, but the point is not that. A damp knob only adjust decay, like a release on a transient shaper. bfd3 has the shaper but it needs much more precise and faster attack times, which drumasonic has. You also don’t get the bleed issue like all others. The bleed doesn’t kill the natural bleed of the sympathetic snare buzz into most of the ambient and room channels. What if I don’t want sympathetic snare buzz from hitting kick and toms from room mics? you see the dilemma. I wish Drew or fxpansion would ACTUALLY finally respond about this or just finally do it right like drumasonic. Of course I know where all the effects are. Ive been using bfd longer than most of you probably. Its the kind of limiter if you read my post. More of a make up gain than a limiter, a global make up gain. The limiters in bfd3 are closer to clippers. Im talking about straight clean global make up control. It comes in really handy.

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haha the licensing method and ticket downloads are putrid.

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You’d be really surprised just how long some of the regulars have been around BFD, which is what makes this current situation such a kick in the teeth.

2007? BFD 1 for me, though I did switch to SSD4 5 years ago or so.

Edit: It actually must’ve been more like 2005. 2007 is when I moved over to Pro Tools, but I remember using BFD 1 with Digital Performer way before that. I’m overseas now and Sweetwater won’t let me check my order history anymore. Buggers.

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2007 with BFD2 for me although, I saw the BFD1 video’s and think I had a demo for a while but couldn’t afford it at the time.


2003 BFD1 here. Many moons have passed since then