Version 3.4 needs access to internet just to run?


I have successfuly migrated my account and received the free expansion (thanks for that).

Everything went well and all products authorised, however when I run the standalone, or the plugin, the UI is greyed out with a message that BFD has been disabled as it needs authorised and to please run the license manager. I click the button and the license manager comes up, but everything is authorised.

After much mucking about and several re-installs to try and get this working I eventually found out that unless the standalone and the DAW have access to the internet they are considered not authorised. This leads me to the conclusion that both the plugin and the stand alone version are checking authorisation every time they are run.

So, if your internet is down then BFD will not work, if you want to run offline BFD wil not work, if you have a tightly locked down PC, that limits outgoing connections, then BFD will not work. Suffice to say that I have now restored my PC back to it’s original state and am now on version 3.3. Of course now the free expansion doesn’t work.

I really hope this is a bug and not by design.

My System:
Windows 10 Pro version 20H2
Reaper 6.21

[edit] posted this 3 days ago but my account was only just unlocked. I see now that other people are having the same problem and that the developers are aware of it.



I can confirm that this is the same here too.
I disconnected my ethernet cable and launched BFD3 and was told it was not authorised.

My DAW is permanently connected so this would only effect me when my internet was off but this is really bad for users who don’t want their DAWs on-line.

I’m with Virgin who are generally pretty good but I do get whole mornings or days where the internet is either intermittent or off completely. :frowning:

Having said that, I don’t think many people have their DAWs disconnected, not that that helps those few very much. I think this is intentional though.


Any response on this from Devs? If BFD 3.4 will not run without an Intenet connection, that is outrageous. I have used BFD in live situation without access to Internet. I sincerely hope it’s a bug and will be fixed soon. If it’s the way licensing is going to work going forward I’m out of here forever.


It would be a serious breach of faith to require me to be online while I’m working. I have times when I shut down everything that’s unnecessary just to get all my VIs to work, including Internet. I can’t view BFD in isolation. I have to be able to tweak velocities and parameters during mixdown. I have to be able to hear the whole mix as a virtual instrument, and that means with the Internet off.


It wouldn’t be just a breach of faith but a reason to get my money back for everything bfd. The technical specification for BFD says that you need an internet connection for downloading but it says nothing about a need of being online when using BFD. I own literally hundreds of plugins and vat instruments. some come with dongles, some with quite complex licensing engine but none of them needs a permanent internet connection.
I’m getting the impression that the development team for BFD just hasn’t enough people anymore who know about audio plugins.


hmmm … kind of good thing I haven’t figured out how to upgrade. My DAW is not connected to the external network. And, I live in the sticks. My internet is horrid. I’m on the Starlink Beta waiting list. So maybe that will change. But for now my DAW is seldom on the internet.


If that’s true, it’s a reaaaaally bad idea.

Studios don’t like leaving their machines online without a very good reason. “A plug-in needs it to run” is not one such reason.

Why try to solve problems that don’t exist?

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This is a show-stopper for me, quite literally.

It’d be great to receive some official communication from the BFD team on all of these issues really soon.


Has Drew or any of the BFD team made a comment on this specific issue? If they have I haven’t found it. Could someone direct me to the post if they have?

Edit: I’ve just seen a post on KVR from Amberience (IIRC that’s Drew). He says he has raised the issue and will follow up when more is known. So reading between the lines it might not be a bug and won’t be fixed in 3.4.1. I await news with breath well and truly bated.

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If this is their new business model I will migrate to another drum VST instrument that does not require constant Internet. Clarification needed I feel before you lose all your customers’ faith.

I’ve just seen this from Drew over on the Gearslutz forum.

It is not expected behaviour that packs go unlicensed when you're offline. That's a bug.

But there IS currently an expectation that the user go online every so often (I think it’s 30 days) which is something I am raising as a UX issue.

So seems like on-line for the plugin and standalone is currently by design, not a bug.

Having to go on-line every 30 days to keep my purchase working is still not something I would want in a plugin. It’s this kind of thinking that made me move from Adobe to Affinity.

I hope they can see that this is likely to lose them sales in the future, and return the behaviour back to on-line only needed for download and authorisation.

Yikes. This is a pretty terrible idea.

Not perfectly on-topic I know, but how great would it be to have a single source of truth for communication about all these issues? Seems fractured that the customers have to be searching for scraps of information from all over the internet.



I wanted to start a poll on this, but polls don’t seem to be available on this forum.

So put me down as a ‘no’ to monthly online registration - this is not a subscription and I don’t want anything that feels like that model. I paid for this - you want to check up on me once a month like I’m on probation?

If this goes ahead I will not be buying any more BFD products, and I hardly think now is the time to start losing the people who’ve stuck with it this long, plus losing future customers who won’t sign up to this for a drum VST. There are other contenders on the market now.


You could start new thread and call it a poll in the subject header maybe?

In principal I’m definitely against it and think it’s unnecessary but since my machine is always on line it probably won’t be a major inconvenience.

But I’m very doubtful that they’ll go ahead with to be honest and if they did I’d still continue using their drums and maybe even buying further expansion kit for 2 very good reasons.

  1. For me, they are still the best drum vst on the market , the only thing that comes remotely close is Superior (not) Drummer 3.

  2. I have spent a lot of time and money on BFD2 & 3 and own a lot of their expansion kits.
    It would be crazy to just ditch them and invest a lot more time and money on something that I don’t think is as good. Kind of cutting my nose off to spite my face.

Also, beta testing for BFD4 is on the horizon and I’m very much looking forward to being a part of it.


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Hi Steve63

I agree with your 1st point to a certain degree - they are the best on the market (all present concerns aside)

I also use superior 3 - It’s never let me down.

Your 2nd point. I have considered ditching BFD3 as it has been very frustrating (more out of anger).

I hope it all gets sorted soon.

I’ve just had an actual reply from bfd. Fairly favourable.

I think it’s something we “all” have to a little time to - frustrating or not.

I’m glad I didn’t ditch it - but I was very close.

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I think polls are available. Do you want me to give it a shot and post one?

Can you see this?
  • What is there to see?
  • See what?

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Hi Steve63

Only just noticed you use Scan stuff.

Same here. Not far from me.

Though I’m after a new build. Still waitin’ for a call back from them - booked two now. They don’t seem to want my custom.

I’ve had 3 machines from them - all good.

They must be struggling like everyone else. Not much stock in.

Yes this is my 3rd, and hopefully last desktop, it’s an absolute beast, like really big and heavy.
Ordered it last April so just as lockdown was kicking in.

Yeah I guess I bought at a good time with regards to stock but I’m surprised the sales team haven’t called you back, even if it’s to say stocks are low and you’ll have to wait.
They wouldn’t want to lose your custom.

I rate them really highly though and they can’t be beaten on price.


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I’m actually long overdue for a new one.

The studio machine is old (very) it’s been updated/upgraded from since about 2012 - it’s still chuggin’ along.

I’m not good with this terminology but I’m after the big one of the 3xs page but I want it with the mve drive caddy.

This one I have now used to flirt all the bdf stuff and superior, trilian and omnisphere stuff in fractions of a second. It wet haywire through all the windows updates and stopped at 1909. Just givin’ it another go now but it looks like a second phase failure again.

This pc I’m on now is older and updated no problem.

I looked at the one you’ve got - pretty damn good.

But I didn’t want another intel.

I tend to get all my stuff from scan - highly recommended - Apart of course from the Bfd stuff - as the don’t stock it.