[UNDER REVIEW] Dragging grooves / parts in groove track - constant crashes

Version: BFD 3.4.2 build 4

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Opening BFD either standalone or in my host DAW
  2. Loading a user preset with already assembled groove track
  3. Going to Groove Editor
  4. Dragging one more groove from the palette into the track around measure 109. The track ist already consiting of multiple parts.

Expected Result:
My groove track should be extended by one more part and my arrangement should be finished by now.

Actual Result:
BFD3 crashes the moment I release the click of my mouse after dragging. When running as a plug-in it causes my DAW to crash, too.

10 out of ten in my user preset and groove track arrangement

Additional Notes:
The bug happens in other projects, too, where I start with a clean preset and empty groove track instead of my saved user preset. This however is inconsistent and the exact cause is unclear to me. I tried the following steps trying to isolate the cause:

  1. Including just the “Grv” when loading from the presets menu → reproduces the bug 10/10
  2. Clearing all parts from the groove track and randomly dragging grooves into the track arrangement → no reproduction of the bug.

I suspect something in the way how I arrange my drum track triggers the crash. Maybe every two out of three projects. This usually happens towards the end of an arrangement. There’s something happening here, but what it is ain’t exactly clear. :wink:

I’ll glady provide anyone on the BFD team with the preset or groove track that causes the bug. Just let me know to what email address I should mail it to.

Here’s a link to a video of the crash:


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Hi @Ingmar,

Thank you for the report. We will investigate the issue and come back to you if we need to discuss it further.

Kind Regards,

Hi @Ingmar

Thank you for your report. We would find very useful if you could provide the preset, and if possible a core dump after the crash to dgarcia@inmusicbrands.com

Many thanks,

(Slightly different usage, but related) I just wanted to back you up on this issue: After I bought the update to BFD3 from In Music, the first issue I noticed was that it was crashing whenever I tried to drag a groove into my DAW’s timeline. It crashed and it crashed. No exceptions. Any groove. Didn’t matter what kit I was using. I’d click and drag on the grooves in the bottom left window and WHAM! — Studio One crashes. And then, I’d have to decide if I wanted to restart and try my luck again — or just stop while I’m ahead. Not a good feeling.

I didn’t mention anything to support because I figured it was such an obvious issue: maybe something that got introduced in a recent update. But based on the response here, it seems that this is news to the support team.

So, just to test it again, after I read this post, I fired up BFD3 in my Mac and tried dragging a groove into the Studio One timeline. Yup. It crashed again.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you’re not crazy — you don’t need meds. This shit is real. :smiley: I’ll monitor this thread to stay up to date. Maybe the next update will bring a fix.

Still, I’m shocked that it’s being treated as a surprise issue when it seemed so obvious to me.

(Note, I did not try exporting as a MIDI file - that’s a little long-winded anyway. Also, I’m assuming that I can drag grooves from BFD3 because I can do that with SSD5. It helps me to see which velocities are working best with the samples; I don’t actually use grooves except for reference, so it’s not a deal breaker for me).

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Hi again @Ingmar

Just a friendly reminder of my previous request.

Many thanks,

Hi again @Ingmar ,

Thank you very much, I’ve received your preset and we will investigate.

Many thanks,

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Hi @garcia,

could you reproduce the bug?


Hi @Ingmar,

Yes I could reproduce with the file you sent me.

Thanks again,

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+1 for this, it happens to me too but in Cubase 11, does not even allow the drag operation, as soon as I click on the groove, it crashes the DAW relentlessly, I don’t feel I need to post a video for it, just confirming that it’s as real as you say. This is when I have the ‘export as audio’ feature enabled, when dragging as straight midi it works without crashing, even when exporting each kit piece to a separate track.

This has been fixed in Coming soon.


That’s great news @BFD_Drew! When will the new version be ready to install? Can hardly wait, cause these crashes are so very annoying when working on the clock as an arranger. Thanks!

This is still happening, I am using Cubase 12 Pro, Macbook Pro MontereyOS. BFD3.4.4.19 - Private Beta

midi to audio crash

This is happening in the standalone application too, BFD crashes itself when trying to drag a groove onto the desktop, this is only happening when I have drag midi as audio selected. Works fine when dragging as midi.

I just tested dragging the groove onto the desktop in standalone mode, version 3.43, and it crashed, as I expected it to.

I’m guessing this does not happen for everyone? Or is it the shame of admitting it that keeps others from speaking out? :slight_smile: (It’s okay, you’re among friends here).

How’s that update coming along?

lol, low and behold, I just tried it…crash test dummies again :wink:

You’re talking about a different issue. AFAIK, dragging and dropping as audio to desktop has not been fixed in this upcoming release.

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dragging parts in the groove track works fine without crashing.

Hi Drew,

Dragging groove as audio (not to desktop), in the DAW, still crashes the entire DAW, I haven’t tried the standalone but I presume it’s still the same, will we have any kind of fix for this soon? It’s such a great feature and I have seen demo’s through the years on youtube where it worked so smoothly. Such a time saver and powerful feature.