Toms causing spikes when played in Percussion Kits

See screenshot.

Does anyone have any idea why the toms immediately raise the level when you play them? I’m not much of an expert when it comes to routing in BFD.
PER Rain
PER Kitchen Sink
PER Give Up
a.s.o. all where a Floor/Mid/ or High Tom is involved
Thanks in advance.

There will be Yellow Triangles as the expansion also requires London sessions (BFD2).
There are Kit Pieces BFD 1 Only…they are labeled as such but only in Kit and Kit Piece info.
Turn Kit Piece info ON.It’s directly above the Kit View…use the cursor to hover over the Kit Piece , if you left click you’ll have issues…right click and swap with it’s BFD3 replacement.

I was helping out someone else looking to purchase the same expansion…

Thanks CHASER,

I also just found the solution on my own and it fits to your explanation. In the Kit are (BFD1 Only) samples loaded. When I replace it with the BFD3 one it works.

What I cannot find is how to turn Kit Piece info on. But anyways, there is only one Kit, like for example, “PER Djembe1”. And this is loading BFD1 stuff instead of BFD3. No other choice to make.
At the end its another example on how little effort is made here to deliver proper packs. See also my other post.

You mean this? But I have nevertheless to change every single instrument. But it helps, thx.

That’s the Kit Info…
The Kit Piece Info is next to the Pie Graph…

A number of these expansions are 20 years old…gone through numerous Versions.Code…Audio Compression etc etc and the lack of Support as when ROLI had FXpansion for years until Inmusic Purchased.
Some expansions are no longer available like Eldorado (BFD 1) which had some great samples , so everyone in the Forum that’s been with BFD for all those years will jump in and help.

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Ok, got it. You need a magnifier for it :wink: Thanks again

This will most likely be dodgy ‘-inf’ entries in the BFDArticTweaks.xml files for those kitpieces. I have an outstanding task to release a data-patch for this, but I’ve been so snowed under I didn’t get around to doing all packs; only 8-Bit-Kit.

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I updated the BFD Drums Sales Thread… All 46 BFD Percussion Kits to BFD3…17 Kits have been corrected for BFD 1 error.(Kit Pieces Replaced with BFD3 versions)
All 4 Presets have also been updated to BFD3
They will appear in the default Locations instead of being User Kits/Presets.
Make sure you remove all of the old Kits/Presets in the System Folders including User in the Documents locations or you will have duplicates…Re-scan System and User Content Paths…

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