Sweetwater is now selling BFD products once again

I know there was a bit of a heated discussion about this a while back, but I just wanted to update that Sweetwater has the BFD product line back in-stock FWIW. They can be a good option because they have financing options, as well as some of the best customer service and tech support out there.

So this is good news and a positive sign for the BFD Drums/inMusic crew. This gives me hope that BFD is getting back on track and may still have a future.



I agree. Their prices seem to be a little less than the BFD store. BFD had some good christmas sales, but I did not bite because my BFD was not working after upgrading to Monterey. Now that it is working again, I have been browsing the titles. I have the horsepower and Jazz and Funk. Thinking of the London sessions.

There’s definitely a few smaller retailers out there that have better deals on expansions at times. I’ve noticed in general, that the expansion sales have become more frequent. Currently, Heavy is on sale and I’ve been close to biting, but I think I’m gonna wait for something I really want/need.

Shame you missed out on London Sessions… not too long ago it was on sale for $20-30. I made a post about it iirc. For me, it’s a great expansion for the nostalgia factor. Brings me back to the days of BFD2 and how amazing it was.

That said, I think some of the newer expansions are cool because they introduce new mic channel options and were made for BFD3. I’ve tried to go for expansions that come with a compliment of cymbals, to get the most bang for my buck and give me more options.

Modern Retro is really one you should consider when the price is right. I took the recommendation of a user here and it didn’t disappoint. It’s pretty versatile and has a lot of kit pieces, cymbals included. Also has some mono mic channels. The snares are really nice. Only bummer, is no snare drag articulations, but this falls on Chocolate Audio I believe.

I’ll keep posting expansion deals when I see them.

Do Sweetwater offer support for BFD? I have been buying stuff from them for ages, but rarely software. I assumed they left all the support for software to the individual software developers.

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Yeah, software too. I mean, how in-depth they can get with individual plugins probably varies, but they can help with at least the basics based on your machine, OS and hardware. They helped me years ago getting my Pro Tools rig issues sorted. And I believe they will actually be in communication with a dev for your problem to try and resolve it, if it’s something they’re stumped on. I haven’t used their support in ages, but that’s how it used to be anyways.


I just bought Sphere from Sweetwater. The serial number isn’t valid. Has anyone else had this issue, or it just me?

Did you input the serial into the LM and not on the inMusic site? Possibly Sweetwater is still using the Fxpansion serials? There was another retailer that had this issue, but has since switched over. If that’s the case, Drew can probably swap it for a BFD Drums serial I’d imagine.

I tried to input it into the LM and it wouldn’t work. I then tried to register it on InMusic, and it did not work either. I think you’re correct because all Sweetwater’s installation instructions refer to fxpansion. I actually tried on my fxpansion account just to see and it did not work their either. Yes, hopefully @BFD_Drew can help me again. I’m going to have to put him on the payroll at this rate!

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I would contact your sales rep and bring to their attention that they’re using the old FX serials, instead of BFD Drums/inMusic.

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Yes, I’m trying to fix it. It seems it’s not even an fxpansion serial, so I don’t know what they are doing.

I cannot believe how useless Sweetwater are being about this. They keep sending me links to fxpansion for installation help, and I have told them numerous times that it is InMusic. 24 hours of emails and they are still no nearer fixing it. I would advise all of you reading this not to bother buying BFD related products from Sweetwater.

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Oh that sucks man. They’re another company who recently merged with a big investment firm. People were worried that they would turn to shit and the things that made them great would die. Hope that’s not the case. You can call your rep toll-free. Maybe speaking on the phone in-person would help you explain what the issue is. If I have time, I’ll try and get in touch with mine and explain what the issue is in regards to BFD.

I really wish I could phone, but I am an Englishman living in Sweden, so it’s not really an option. I am in the middle of a massive row with them, because they say they can’t issue a replacement yet. Even though @BFD_Drew says that it is completely in the wrong format, even for an old fxpansion serial. If you’re in America and have time to shout at them, please do!! I got very annoyed as the last tech support, after all i’ve said, sent me the link the the fxpansion installation process!! I have done the expansion installation three times! I know what I am doing now (thanks to Drew!)

I moved from the States to Switzerland, so I can’t really call either. I was thinking I could email my rep if anything, but that was assuming the issue was just that they were still using Fxpansion serials and haven’t switched to BFD Drums. Shit man, I hope you can get a working serial. Well, I guess I won’t be recommending using Sweetwater for BFD products anymore. I removed their link from the sales thread I posted.

If it’s an old FXpansion serial number, you can still register on the FXpansion site on your account page, then get a BFD Drums serial number by contacting Drew with your FXpansion username, BFD Drums user name (e-mail) and the license number.
Hope I got your situation right: I did a very fast read of the posts above. Apologies if I missed the point.

Personally, I’ve been using pluginboutique. It ends up being a little bit cheaper there after a while with their little points/rewards cash deal. Plus I’ve had no issues even during the transition and they are giving BFD Drums license numbers there now so no hassle at all.

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Unfortunately, it isn’t an old fxpansion serial. I did try to register it with my old fxpansion account earlier, but it isn’t in any correct format, old or new. They are now saying they have to contact InMusic to get a new one , before they replace it.

If it’s not an old FXpansion S/N and not a new BFD Drums S/N then I would have to say this is a Sweetwater problem. They should have to provide you with one or the other. If they don’t give you a serial number that’s valid on either the old or the new systems then they haven’t given you what you paid for and I would be on them to provide a valid number.

What a hassle. Sweetwater do not sound good. Hopefully @BFD_Drew already has a contact there and can get this resolved.

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I’m in the UK and have bought hardware from Sweetwater in the past. They would phone me from USA to check everything was OK and a follow-up letter from the CEO. Seems standards have dropped. Shame.

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Yeah, well that’s what happens when you get sold to a private equity ‘profit uber alles’ firm.