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Hey Guys,

I created a video for the Vinny Appice Kit from Sonic Reality


The colour of the kit is my own modification, you will get standard BFD3 colours with this kit.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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The cymbals sound really good.

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Bought the Big Fill Kit but I can’t seem to load up any of the samples. I can confirm that I’ve scanned the file path - see picture.

Does the pack come with any presets? I don’t see any new ones added to my preset file path. Would the name show up in the Library like Crush or the London Sessions because it’s not. - see picture

I’m at a loss here. Thanks in advance for any help.

Yes indeedy it has presets.

and yes indeedy it shows up in the library,

hmmm ok, so something has gone wrong with the install and where content is placed. Maybe you could upload those default presets and I can place those where my other presets are located to try and force the connection path?

Sent you a PM with link to files, let me know how it goes, oh and I’m windows, not sure if it matters.

Afaik, it’s not going to install the presets to the sample drive. It will either install in Library/Applications Support/BFD Drums/BFD3/System/Presets, or Users/Documents/BFD/BFD3/Presets. Whichever it’s installed to, move it to the other location and rescan.

Placed the presets that jih64 gave me in Users/Documents/BFD/BFD3/Presets rescanned and all is well. A thousand thank you’s to jih64 and Fender_Bender, you two got me sorted proper. Happy drumming!

Sonic Reality BFD expansions are once again on sale for 50% off, until the new year.


Just Purchased the Alan Parsons Silver Sparkle kit. I was skeptical so I bought the cheapest set $24. After the purchase I did not receive a Serial #. Thought I got screwed and went to the ESoundz troubleshoot page where I found out it takes time for them to manually place the serial in your account. A few hours later they put the # in. It sounds absolutely beautiful on my E-Kit. Definitely going to buy more kits. I’m new to BFD3, have many many drum samplers, this thing is great. Love the rawness of the drums and all the control that I have. Packed up my acoustic kit and Mics last week. BFD3 is how I’m going to record drum tracks for now on. I hope they continue to work on BFD4!

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Hi Rav,

BFD3 is the best :slight_smile: I have two Sonic Reality kits, Vinny Appice and Neal Peart, although I don’t play edrums, I mainly programme the tracks, I’ve yet to find anything to match BFD3, I hope they keep me this happy with BFD4.

This is one hell of deal - Buy EpiK DrumS - A Ken Scott Collection for BFD3 ()

But I really do not need all of that.

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Peart and Bozzio next on my list. Epik looks very nice also. :v:

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Welcome @Rav,

I did a few Sonic Reality kit reviews and went over some of the pros and cons. You may find them useful. There are a few minor issues with some, but they do sound great.

Bob Siebenberg
Rod Morgenstein
Hugh Padgham


Thanks Fender Bender. I read all the reviews, very helpful. I appreciate it.
Thank you

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So ok gang. I’m struggling with the install here. Fender has been kind enough to try and help, but I’m still falling short. I’ve PM’d BFD_drew, but haven’t heard back.

I have the default Apple/Mac install of BFD3. I’m new to the BFD and Mac world. Everything has been fairly hunky doory outside of the normal learning curve. I’ve installed a couple of BFD expansions with no problems.

I purchased the Neil Peart kit and Alan Parson Oyster kit. The registration of the serial numbers went without a hitch and everything is authorized. I’ve download and installed through BFD LM and both were successful, however neither show up in my library in BFD. I’ve rescanned the content folders and both Alan Parsons and Neil Peart show up. But no go in the library.

Maybe one of you guys have done a recent install and can help me out with this. Thanks.

Still no-go with the files I uploaded?

Dude. I really appreciate the help. I’m inching closer and closer. So as of last night, doing what you asked (and converting from windows to apple), the kits show up. However, there is no sound to any of the pieces. It shows the icon of a red drum, but no description and sound. So I thought I’d throw it out to the group. Side note, I think I have a spare laptop somewhere in the house, and I might move the whole production over to microsoft.

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