Sonic Reality Sale

Looks like all of Sonic Reality’s BFD Expansion packs are currently on sale for 50% off. Some great sounds, and very nice people over there:)

Yeah, someone from esoundz posted in the other sale thread. I’ve never purchased anything through that website and it doesn’t seem to be maintained/updated. Is it legit and easy as far as transactions? I was trying to pass this along to, audioproductiondeals on Reddit, but they were a little apprehensive because of the low traffic site.

If anyone else can comment on if they’ve purchased through them before, that’d be helpful.

Its legit, Ive been the Support Manager since 2007. (very part time now) I also built a few of the BFD kits. (Mason, Parsons kits and Appice).

@LAGinz thanks for the plug!!

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Yes, they are Legit, I have them all, purchased years ago.

Legit and fuss free.

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I got the Bill Cobham kit a couple years ago from them on sale. No issues at all.

I figured as much. So… is basically the retail store for Sonic Reality?

I just purchased the Vinny Appice kit using paypal on the esounds site, all went well :slight_smile:

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Yes, eSoundz is Sonic Reality’s web store.

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Cool man. Thanks for the clarification. I was just trying to get you some more sale traction over on Reddit because this stuff is rarely on sale. Which is your fav out of those 3 kits btw?

Vintage 70s, Appice and I forgot that I did Padgham too…

Vinny one of my favourite drummers, can’t wait to get home and try the kit out :slight_smile:

Padgham captures that great Phil Collins sound. Vinny is….well….Vinny!!

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How do you like it man? I’ve probably got enough rock kits to keep me covered, but the cymbals in this kit sounded pretty good in the audio examples.

Hey bro, I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet, got home so late from work. I have another two shifts to go and then I’ll give it a thorough test. Really looking forward to it.

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All the BFD3 Expansions can be found on the home page of www (dot) esoundz (dot) com.

The Vinny Appice pack install file is not compatible with macOS Monterey as it’s a 32bit file.

I just saw this info on esounds -

Great news!! Our BFD expansion packs are now compatible with Catalina and higher. These kits do require a registered version of InMusic Brands, BFD 3.4. Upon registration of the BFD kit serial with the InMusic Brands License Manager, you will then be able to download the latest version of the kit through the License Manager!

I’ll see if it work later when I get home.

I downloaded Neil Peart Drums last night and it was fantastic value. A complete and great sounding kit with lot of rack toms included in the USD 34 price. Even has a cute splash cymbal.
That’s a big tick for BFD 3 and for eSoundz Sonic Reality.

M1, Big Sur, BFD 3.4. TD-10/eDrumin

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Some clarification here. The files that you see in your eSoundz download are for those that are still using BFD2 and early versions of BFD3 (pre Catalina on Mac). The latest install package is available through the License Manager after registering the serial number that is placed into your download area after purchase.


Excellent, I found that on the esounds FAQ, thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: