Sonic Reality Sale

I have a few eSoundz/Sonic Reality libraries, and they’re decent libraries, but I am noticing that the esoundz link is triggering a Malwarebytes Browser Guard.

Is it a false positive, or has the site been attacked?

@jcrisman The esoundz website loads fine for me on macOS… no virus prompts. Probably just a false positive on your end. You can’t use the installers on their website anyways, you have to download from the LM to get compatible installers, at least if you’re using inMusic BFD.

I’m definitely going to pick at least one kit up before the sale ends. I just haven’t had time to properly listen to the demos to see which one I could use, but I could tell they were all great sounding for that price and too foolish to pass up.

I mean, I probably have way more than enough to cover me, but there’s something about getting a new sampled drum kit that’s addictive and exciting. Heck, even if I never end up using it much. There will always be that initial adrenaline rush of messing with a new kit.

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I just got over all my license manager issues and errors (Yay!) so I think I going to treat myself to the Rush kit ha dot pass up at that price.

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I run Malwarebytes on the mac and it has never given me this error. I mainly use Brave bowers but its working fine with Chrome also.

Im loving the Vinny Appice kit, however, it only shows up in the presets browser under ‘unknown’, it did show up at first as ‘esound Vinny Appice kit’, but then later on i thought it was missing and could only find it under the ‘unknown’ tab. It’s a great sounding kit and I am having some fun with it :slight_smile:
I will probably have a look at some others at some point. Great work guys!


Just a heads up for anyone having trouble accessing the esoundz site and getting a ‘Secure Connection Failed’ error or something similar: if you’re running a VPN and can’t access the site, try disabling your VPN. Mine was blocking access to both and for some unknown reason.

Does anyone have the Sixties Downbeat kit? I like the sound of the drums in the demo, but it sounds like there’s a lot of electronic noise in the background. I don’t see how that wouldn’t be part of the samples, but you never know. Do the samples have all that noise?

Yeah mine shows up in the ‘unknown’ group as well.

No, no electronic noise here, not that I can hear anyway.

Strange behaviour indeed, as I said it showed up correctly at first then…really dunno what that is about. Anyway, glad I can use it :slight_smile:

I’ve had similar issues with the Vinnie kit showing up differently from time to time in the current BFD3 browser.

Did you try saving the presets back as a new name??

This is what I’m listening to. There’s a lot of electronic fuzz, almost like there’s a bad tube in the chain. That would render the kit useless to me.

Edit: OK, I see, they’ve added noise to a couple of the demo tracks to make them unsampleable.

Hey Guys,

I created a video for the Vinny Appice Kit from Sonic Reality


The colour of the kit is my own modification, you will get standard BFD3 colours with this kit.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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The cymbals sound really good.

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Bought the Big Fill Kit but I can’t seem to load up any of the samples. I can confirm that I’ve scanned the file path - see picture.

Does the pack come with any presets? I don’t see any new ones added to my preset file path. Would the name show up in the Library like Crush or the London Sessions because it’s not. - see picture

I’m at a loss here. Thanks in advance for any help.

Yes indeedy it has presets.

and yes indeedy it shows up in the library,

hmmm ok, so something has gone wrong with the install and where content is placed. Maybe you could upload those default presets and I can place those where my other presets are located to try and force the connection path?

Sent you a PM with link to files, let me know how it goes, oh and I’m windows, not sure if it matters.