[SOLVED] BFD alert messages in Logic Pro

Hi Everyone,
I’m new here and apologise in advance if this has already been covered.
I have been running BFD3 in Logic Pro X for a while now . I have started to get alert messages when I try to open a song/project that is using BFD. I just click on them and they keep coming up , so eventually I deleted BFD3 from my computer and of course from Logic, so now I don’t have my favourite drum plugin or my favourite drum sounds which is very frustrating to say the least ! Does anyone know when or if ever this problem will be fixed ?. Do I have to wait for a newer version of BFD 3 to come out ? and if so does anyone have any idea when it will be ?
thanks in advance,
Paul Thompson

What are the alert messages saying? Thats a key bit of info :slight_smile:

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thanks for your prompt reply.
it says “No packs found in pack price catalogue” There was another different one but I don’t remember what it said.

Hi Paul,

What version of BFD3 did you have installed?

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Living Room Rocker

hi, was the version I was running.

Why don’t you try updating to the latest version to see if that fixes your problem?

Hi there @zenbattery

You can find information on the latest release here, please try installing this version and let us know if the issue persists.

All the best, Rayne

Ok, I registered on the in music site. Do I have to buy the new version ? I tried to register my old BFD3 but it wouldn’t accept the numbers.

@zenbattery Your Fxpansion account page should have a link to migrate your account to inMusic, but both accounts must have the same email address associated with them for it to work. If they’re not the same, change one so they are. It’s a free upgrade and you get a free expansion pack. You will get a new BFD3 serial number.

Also… you register any new BFD serials through the new License Manager, not on the inMusic website. Registering over there is for their other products like Akai, etc. However, your registered serials will show up on your inMusic profile.

Make sure you download and use the new License Manager from here:

Just a heads up… If you move your entire BFD3 installation to the new version, you will be on a time limited demo that HAS to check into inMusic’s server or it goes into 90 day auto self destruct mode until you let it check back into the server again. You will be on a free subscription model.

If you dont mind this online requirement, then you can fully ignore this post :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up !, so I have migrated my BFD stuff to Inmusic. I am busy downloading it and the content now .how do I check it into the inmusic server ?

Your license manager will show how many days to re authorize the license

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great stuff ! thanks for your help !

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