BFD3.4.3.7 Released

Hi everyone,

BFD3.4.3.7 can now be downloaded via the BFD License Manager.

If you are on an older version of BFD License Manager than, please update from here: Downloads and Documentation | BFD

Changes in BFD3.4.3.7:

  • 30-day time out for authorizations has been tweaked. They should now automatically refresh for anyone that is online.
  • Fixed missing snare microphone channels when creating new kits.
  • Fixed a crash when loading BFD1 kits and presets.
  • Fixed a crash when loading BFD2 presets.
  • Fixes to the data-path scanning system to prevent threads locking up.
  • Improved license error reporting, with new button to take users to FAQ/Knowledge Base
  • Faster scanning of content
  • Fixed: license content pack buttons not appearing after rescan all paths
  • Throttled back gui updates in Content Manager during scans
  • Optimized content manager redraws

Possible known issues:

  • There are reports of cymbals choking off/cutting out and the voice not finishing it’s processing. We have not been able to reproduce this in-house. If you see this, please report back with system specs, your BFD engine settings, your buffer sizes and sample-rate, and the host(s) you’re seeing the issue in.

Additional notes:

If you have authorization issues, the first thing to try is logging out of License Manager and your inMusic Profile account, and then re-logging into License Manager and following the prompts in your web browser.

Finally, if you have reported a bug and have not heard anything in response, please get in touch with me directly and I will investigate.

Thanks all!


I have experienced cymbals cutting off but when they do here it’s almost immediate. My guess is this is the system overloading (these are huge VE Pro projects), because the fix is I restart the computer.

Just to provide data, in case: Big Sur 11.6; this is with very large buffers as well as smaller ones; 48kHz; VE Pro 7.1056.

But it’s done the same under Catalina and pretty much anything previous, restart the machine is all I have to do currently.

Not here - I left BFD 3 (standalone) scanning content for bout 8 hours and it was still reporting 0% complete. It seems to be my old BFD 2 System folder that hangs it up, but I have a bunch of kits, presets etc there that I want to access in BFD 3.

Before updating to this version, I had all of these available - updating “lost” all my settings and licenses though. FWIW, the scan log is showing all my contents being found and “exploration complete”, but the UI never completes. And they don’t actually appear in the relevant category (eg. kit) within BFD 3’s UI at any time.

Windows 10 21H1

In China, the BFD License Manager cannot connect to the network and BFD3 cannot be used. Please provide a solution.


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Are you 100% sure you’re on License Manager We fixed the China issue a few builds ago.

Going to try this soon, just need some clarification that keeping this version installed on an offline system is no longer an option? Can I take it online whenever it needs re-authorization and go off again or does it need constant internet connection?

It does not need a constant internet connection. But you need to go online to confirm your authorizations (not licenses; those are always owned by your account and cannot be lost at all and don’t need to be verified). Once you’ve done that, you can go offline.

Processing: 截屏2021-10-27 下午5.59.46.png…

My computer OS is macOS 10.15.7 Catalina
Definitely License Manager I downloaded it today. I have pressed the retry button no less than 10 times, but I cannot connect. Since I bought BFD3 in June this year, my job has not been good. The Internet has been waiting for the new version to be fixed. According to our research, many BFD users in China, including those who purchased recently, have encountered this problem. To be honest, we feel cheated, but the software we bought with money cannot be used. I hope the official will give an answer as soon as possible

I’ve just updated everything (Windows 21h1)

I hope everything goes for every one else like it’s just gone for me.

The whole experience was as transparent as I could have hoped for.

I had no need to sign in or out of anything. All I was asked to do was to close licence manager.

So far - touch wood - Stand alone, or Cubase. Reason, and Ableton has shown no problems.

Obviously not checked everything 100%, that would take me until next Christmas.

For this one - I can only give you guys - ALL - the biggest thumbs up I could give.


What does this actually mean? If you are online it checks every time? If you are offline for more than 30 days it will disable BFD3? Or something else?

A bit of clarifiication would be nice as I’m still not convinced about this checking up on us like criminals scheme.

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As I understand it, the 30 days is now 90 days. If you’re online, BFD checks its licenses/authorisation (there is a difference between the two apparently, not something I knew until this thread I think), but I dont know how often or whatever. After 90 days of being offline, the license or authorisation (this really could all be much clearer and would benefit from being explained using plain language and thorough scenarios spelled out) needs refreshing but I dont know what happens or if BFD is disabled.

I ask with every update, but I think I’m just coming across as annoying instead of trying to get a full, frank, complete answer, but I think part of this is misunderstanding that I dont know some of the more obvious details already, such as the differences between licences and authorisation meaning BFD’s answers still leave me a bit confused. There was also a 10 days thing mentioned by another BFD team member, but I asked maybe three times what that meant and got nothing but silence.

I just want to be able to answer questions like yours and be all pro BFD’s decisions! :slight_smile:


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Yeah I’m not pro anything that wants to ‘phone home’, don’t care if it’s 30 days, 90 days, whatever - again, this was never in the product before and if enough people want to bandy together a GoFundMe lawsuit I’d happily do that as they are changing the original licence agreement and trying to be sneaky about it.

Not impressed with this attitude at all.

If they want to change the licence agreement then offer all those who don’t want this a refund as they’ve broken their part of the agreement, send a code which disables BFD3 and I’ll move on.

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You do you :slight_smile:

I just want to understand it, not destroy my access to BFD completely. There’s pushing for the change you want and then theres setting fire to the entire operation. The latter might be a slight over reaction.

You do you tho, eh? :slight_smile:

I’m qite a bit older since I originally bought BFD1. I don’t do so much music and I’m just that little bit nearer death, so I don’t have the patience for software that requires me to start fixing it - I just want it to work.

So far BFD3 has been a nightmare, not working, telling me I have no expansions, not launching etc. and I would happily get rid of it for a peaceful life if I hadn’t invested so much money it.

Seems to me it’s BFD that are setting fire to the operation. How about building up some goodwill with people who’ve supported them since day one? Let alone potential new customers who may be put off by such shenanigans.


We’re all a bit older since then :slight_smile: Thats how time works :slight_smile:

Suggesting refunds via legal threats or whatever isnt reasonable starting way to go about getting goodwill.

BFD arent setting fire to the operation, they’re doing their utmost to deal with the situation after moving parent companies at short notice (or so it seems, considering what happened with Roli not long after moving parent company). Updates are coming regularly and BFD have already changed the way the 30 day thing works, changes are happening.

I think most of us want BFD to stay around and work, not go to war with them over refunds etc. But like I say, thats up to you, obviously.

Re: just wanting it to work, do you still need a fix for your BFD installation or is it working?

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The problem here is that we can already see BFD want to keep this system, they’ve just adjusted it rather than get rid of it, so it seems they aren’t listening to a lot of customers, just tried to make it less annoying.

True. I think I’m just a bit angry at the moment as I just injured my foot just as it was healing from a previous injury so I’m not exactly Mr Chill at the minute. I will take on board what you have said, thanks for the calming words :slight_smile:

To be honest after the last debacle I couldn’t be bothered to load it again. At this stage if Horsepower was available as a standalone instrument I’d just buy that and forget the rest. I love that expansion. I’ll give the update a go at some point. If I didn’t think BFD was superior to things like Superior (sic) then I would have ditched it a long time ago.

P.S. I like your YouTube channel - enjoyed that glitchy t-ape video thing :slight_smile:


I updated LM and the latest build and everything went smooth and seems to be working fine so far. I noticed though, that the build number is not present on standalone app and vst files. Is that normal? LM shows the latest build 7 installed, as well as in Help/About BFD3.

Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 9.21.04 PM

Would it be too much to ask for someone from the BFD team to spell out in simple words, exactly what this whole authorisation thing is about. It seems deliberately vague at the moment and that doesn’t instill confidence.

It would probably take someone who knows the ins and outs about 10 minutes to write a post describing how it all works. It’s quite important as it’s not a trivial matter to install BFD at all. Rather than going through the pain of this process several times, knowing what is required might stop some of us from installing on machines that this wouldn’t work on. We can’t tell that yet because we don’t know.

I don’t think it’s an unreasonable request. You are holding us to account but it’s being done with very little transparency. Could someone give us the low down, please?