Simultaneous Product Authorisations Reached

Yesterday I upgraded from windows 10 to 11 as well as upgrading my focusrite 4i4 drivers and as soon as I launched BFD3 the LM gave me a message saying, Simultaneous Product Authorisations Reached.

It seems the only products I could authorise was BFD3 and it’s core library and none of my expansion kits.

I didn’t check BFD3 to see if it was running properly before upgrading windows and so the two things might not be related.

I have just uninstalled BFD3 and the licence manager and cleaned out the registry deleting all BFD3 and licence manager folders only to find I am still getting the same message.

@BFD_Drew I thought I’d seen this in another thread and it looks like the same issue here so if you could clear my auths that would be cool.