BFD3 Not authorized after upgrade to windows 11

I upgrade to windows 11 from windows 10, (I didn’t install a new OS on my pc) the upgrade was normal, and the other programs and plugins that were installed already runs good (cubase 11 pro, amplitube 5, Absynth 5, Kontakt 6, etc etc.) but when I open BDF 3 a message appears and inform that: BFD3 HAS BEEN DISABLE BECAUSE THIS MACHINE ISN’T AUTHORIZED. PLEASE RUN THE BFD LICENCE MANAGER. Is the same machine, with the same name, that now have windows 11 and previously had windows 10. I open the bfd3 licence manager and the libraries are un-authorized, and I try to authorized and inform that: MAXIMUN SIMULTANEOUS PRODUCT AUTHORISATIONS REACHED.(ERROR # 403002).

i don’t have any bfd3 installed in other computer, but the licence manager is considering the new windows 11 as a new computer.

some idea about what is happen? or about solution.

Thanks to all.

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@scienceyblues I’ve cleared your authorizations out, so you should be able to re-auth now and be up and running.

That is right, thanks.

Hi BFD_Drew I have problems again with authorization on license manager; all was right but today there are problems.

Apologies. I was away for a few weeks. What exactly is the problem?