Safe to uninstall BFD2?

So I have London Sessions installed now and everything is working in BFD 3.4. Is it safe to uninstall BFD 2 and reclaim some disk space or at least delete the BFD2 content folder since it’s now duplicated by the London Sessions folder?

Unless you plan on using BFD2 in other projects, I don’t see why you can’t delete it. There are some users who may want to have both installed.

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I haven’t deleted it yet but I have space for it and seem to be building some kind of fxpansion museum. :wink:

I haven’t used it since BFD3 was released though so could easily get rid of it.


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Thanks. I was really wondering if anyone who had uninstalled it had any issues.

The only issue is if you need to go back to 3.3 because you need to be offline as there are items in the folders that if deleted make it difficult to reconfigure 3.3. I know because it happened to me.

steve63 when are we going to here from the developers about this issue? I am sure you are aware of growing discontent about being kept in the dark?

If you mean the issue of having to be on line then Drew has stated on here that this will not be the case in the next update. I can’t recall which thread it was in but I definitely saw it.

I’m not in touch with the developers on any other issues so can’t comment I’m afraid.


Ok! Thank you for that. I have not seen the post in question, although I am surprised that no contribution by the team has been made in the thread concerning this issue, if only to ease users concerns.

Having just said that about Drews comments I have searched the forum for the comment and can’t find it but I’m 99% sure that’s what he said. :thinking:


I don’t know if he said it here, but he did mention it on the Gearspace thread.

The language is not explicit:

It is not expected behaviour that packs go unlicensed when you’re offline. That’s a bug.

But there IS currently an expectation that the user go online every so often which is something I am raising as a UX issue.

I moved my BFD2 Core Library to an external drive just in case there were any issues. So far installed London Sessions and Eldorado and no issues.

However I only have BFD3 presets, so I don’t know if BFD2 presets see London Sessions’ content as replacement kit pieces. I’m trying to get away from anything BFD2 or 1 for a fresh start.

As a workaround, you can move your BFD2 presets into your user presets folder. It should then see them. I had the same problem with BFD1 stuff. From there you can save each preset and then it will make a BFD3 version of that preset. So then you will have 2 copies. It’s up to you whether you want to delete the BFD2 presets afterwards. Probably a safer option is to back them up elsewhere in case you need them. Once they’re converted to BFD3 format, you can try moving them back to the BFD System presets location and restarting your computer. They may then show up in the system rather than your user location. You may have to do the same for the kits. Hope this helps.

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I’m starting to feel the appeal in that approach, myself.

Thanks @Fender_Bender I’ll give that a try.

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And that bugs the s**t out of me. The system requirements, published by BFDDrums, say that internet access is only required to download stuff. No mention of periodically being online. This is a big deal for a lot of people.

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Only just caught up with posts.

I tried uninstalling BFD2 and had a boat load of problems - as - somehow - it removed also BFD3.

I had to finish up doing a system restore.

This problem for me seems more to do with my PC than bfd2. Or for that matter fxpansion licence manager. (or bfd3 licence manager - I seem to still have a link somewhere).

I’m back up and running now but could have turned out nastier than it did.

I can only say that “if you have the space to keep it - for the time being - then keep it installed”.


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No decision has been made yet as to weather this will happen so I guess they couldn’t have said either way.

As Drew has stated, the current issue with BFD3 licence manager needing to be on line is a bug so should hopefully be resolved in the next build.


Thanks for the feedback, Noel. I appreciate it. I was leaning in that direction already, but definitely will leave it for now. At some point I’ll probably do a clean install of everything but now’s not a good time. I’ll wait.

Guys, feeling a bit hijacked here. There are plenty of other threads about the offline issue. Please take it to one of those.

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This seems to be the main thread for this topic

The application BFD2 is completely separate from BFD3, the latter is not dependent on the former to work. You don’t want to delete your user things, or organizational things like kits and presets etc you’re using but the application itself absolutely may be kicked to the curb if you don’t have a need for it through itself. A BFD 2 installation is almost a stranger to BFD Drums BFD 3.4.