Response from the support?

When can I expect a response when I open a support ticket? For me now 4 days. Has anyone ever gotten a response?

Is this the issue with the Percussion kit presets?


Support took 23 days to respond (asked for a lot of extra information).

7 days later they auto closed the ticket.

Good morning Steve, no Sleishman, missing snare, asked for a refund.

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Hi Tony,

that doesn’t give us much hope.

Who did you contact at support?
Was it though the web page ticket system?

You could try or tag one of the bakers in this post like (sorry Drew) @BFD_Drew.

Or try the live chat on the support page.


Hi Steve
and yes, webpage ticket system. Will try also your other suggestions, thanks.

The chat worked. At least someone is talking to you. The rest now goes as follows,
"ll need to raise this with our web team for further investigation into the issue so that we can find a solution here“.

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I’ve been waiting for 3 days, it’s unacceptable, specially when cash has exchanged hands. I do not complain here, ever, as far as I can remember haha! If anything I only praise BFD, but when you take payment from a customer, and they have to wait 3 days for support, it’s not a very good image for the business, even if the mistake is on the customers end.

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All I am asking for is a simple transfer of a serial number, not even from another user, I bought a new expansion and wasn’t concentrating, a new account was created instead of logging into my own acc, so I can use the serial in my usual LM or acc, I just need it transferred, should that take 3 days?

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@deangersmith What did you get dude? :thinking:

I took the 8-bit kit this time, got all of them almost besides the Japanese percussions etc, they still a bit pricey for me right now, I’d love them but not needed straight away. Took the 8-bit as there are some cool sounding things in there I can use in a lot of productions, I do think I can achieve most of those type sound with tweaking, but that takes a lot of time, 8-bit is really a good price at the moment.

Support have now resolved my issue, thank you BFD Support Team, I really DO appreciate it <3


I spoke to soon, the transfer was reported as being done. Serial, I still can’t use the expansion, its still stuck in the wrong account. No replies from BFD suport…

Support said the serial was transferred to my usual acc, this didn’t happen as I got the same error saying ‘serial is registered with another account’. I let them know and not I have this reply:

It seems that you’ve reached your limit to authorizations. I have processed your serial request, granting you the ability to have additional seats per license.

Have any of you had this experience before? I mean I fail to see it being an authorisations issue when it’s giving me a registration issue? Maybe I don’t know enough, I will try later after work to register the serial again, but I dread the same error popping up.

These are licences that you bought from another user?

It might be the case that they were on their last authorisation before selling? :thinking:

Just a thought.


Hey Steve,

No, I bought a completely new expansion, from BFD, but (my fault yes) I for some reason created a new account by accident (rushing at work) so I asked for the serial to be transferred form the new acc I created to my existing one.

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This is now getting ridiculous, I have actually bought serials from previous users and everythnig went smoothly, not one issue, this is a brand new serial belonging to me and all I want is for it to be transferred to my main account, this is what support said today, and it STILL does NOT WORK. I find it very annoying and see it as a lack of competence on BFD support Team, I can see why some people on here get furious.

Hi Dean,

Apologies for the delayed response. We’re currently experiencing a high volume of tickets, but I’m here now to assist you.

It seems that you’ve reached your limit to authorizations. I have processed your serial request, granting you the ability to have additional seats per license.

I trust this solution is helpful for you. Going forward, I will consider this matter resolved and close this ticket. However, please feel free to reopen it at any time should you have further questions or require additional assistance. I’m here to help.

Best regards,

Should I just request a refund and start over???

t sounds like he granted you the additional seats on your other log in? :thinking:

They should never just consider a case closed until they have confirmed this with you.
That is a poor assumption.


@deangersmith ping me the serial, and any emails you may have accounts under. I’ll look into it.

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Morning guys, thanks Drew it looks like they finally hve it sorted after I requested a refund last night, I have now been able to register it in the correct account.