Read this if you need replacement Eldorado & London Sessions

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Still trying to get enough posts so I can PM you…


how long does it take Drew to issue the serials?

Also, is it possible to keep using BFD2 (with BFD2 and BFD1 library) after installing the Eldorado&London Sessions for BFD3?

No, the old ones don’t work because they’re connected with a product code that is no longer used.

Once you get the new serials in your account, downloads for the new versions will show up in your License Manager.

If @BFD_Drew sees the request, he usually gets on it immediately.

so that means that BFD2 will no longer function after adding the ElDorado&London packs to BFD3?
I know that it is no longer possible to authorize BFD2, but once it is, it should continue to work…?

[edit]OK, I see what you’re asking. Yes, all the old stuff will continue to work together, as long as you didn’t delete/replace/whatever something with something else. They’re ships in the night.[/edit]

So, the solution in that case would be to have multiple installations. i.e. the old BFD2 library in the old location just for BFD2, and London in a different location for your BFD3. Just don’t add BFD2 Library to BFD3, or the new London to BFD2.

that’s is what I thought, thanks for the confirmation!

Hi everyone, sorry for not getting back to people. I’ve been off sick with covid for a few weeks! I’m on the mend now, and will respond to private messages this week.



HI, Andrew
I also need serial numbers for BFD1 and BFD2. But I don’t see a button for a private message to you. Could you reply to me with a private message?

Weird, I sent this post days ago but now it has somehow been “approved”…
Have already sent a message to Andrew for the E&L libraries, wish him a speedy recovery and hope to hear from him soon.

Responded just a moment ago, cheers!

Thanks a lot, downloads/installation/authorisation for E&L and Manu Katche Snare went without a hitch!

Also BFD2 keeps working and BFD2-presets load perfectly fine in BFD3.

(btw I’m on Win10 and Live11)

Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum.

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Posting in order to be able to DM

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Great forum by the way


Just a heads up folks, I’m away from work until January now, but I will still be popping my head in - I just may not get to these requests as quickly as usual. Cheers, and Merry Christmas! Hopefully 2022 will bring us all multi-joy.


Glad to hear you’re on the way back from Covid. Dodgy time for all.
Heres wishing you a good Christmas.

David Wyatt

just click on BFD_Drew’s icon (twice), you’ll see the message-button there

Just writing this so I can try get the PM capability so that I can get my BFD2 content :man_facepalming:

I can’t send you a message.
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