Read this if you need replacement Eldorado & London Sessions

Something like that. I don’t really know the magical incantation. I know someone posted it here. Post like 5 times in a row, and then scroll slowly.

Kafka, thanks for the tip. I recognise your username from GS, hope all’s well.

All pm’s replied to. Sorry for the sluggish response!

Sent PM six days ago. Hopefully it went through.

@BFD_Drew (20 chars)

Yep, already sorted! Cheers!

So, long time user supporter of bfd. Been a user since day one. Ive owned BFD, BFD2 and been using them for years. Yesterday I finally ported over my account from Fxpansion and purchased BFD3. Everything went well and the software works fine. It still says I need to register my BFD3 in order to get my free bonus package. Also, It wont let me use my previous BFD1 and BFD2 content. I have the serial numbers for all of my previous BFD content if that is needed.any help would be appreciated.

I’ll PM you to get your stuff sorted.

Did you get my email with the codes?

Just posting to try and reach the minimum to send a message.


Hi, I’m a long time BFD2 user and I’ve sent a message as request to @BFD_Drew with the relevant serial numbers to get Eldorado and London Sessions. Anyone posted recently and had a response ?

Best wishes, Keith

@Keith, I’m also waiting for a response from @BFD_Drew about getting a serial number for the London Sessions.

It all seems very random. I’ve gone back to using BFD2 which I’m happy with. If they haven’t got the resources to support it, this product will die.

I updated last week and now the startup crashes on the search stage (off-topic, I know, but I dont have time to muck about with BFD3 and its demotivating my music making. If they are putting all the efforts into BFD4, why not communicate that.

I received my serial number this morning.

Likewise and downloaded the London sessions. Still crashes on start up after wiping everything. You had the same problem ? I’m on a 2012 Macbook pro whioch works quite happily for my needs.

Installation, authorization, and startup went fine for me, although I haven’t actually tried playing anything yet. I’m on Windows 10.

Just leaving a message in the hope it then allows me to pm Drew and get all my hard worked for sessions back!

@BFD_Drew (20 chars)

@BFD_Drew where is the Message button on your profile?? I can’t see it. I can see only Summary, Activity, Badges.

You have to post a certain number of times on the forum before the Message button shows up. It’s an anti-spam thing. You ought to be able to hit it soon. Just do a few more posts if it hasn’t appeared already.